Life Of Elyse BLOG

Mornings With Me

I will never walk out of the house to go to work without breaky. Everrrr! I would be one grumpy girl if I did. 

So these are my essentials: 

This is how my day goes about… Firstly I wake up put the kettle on.. 

1. Cut a piece of lemon. Squeeze into the cup and leave the lemon in the mug add cold and hot water so you can drink straight away 

2. Apple cider Vinegar: this is a great ingredient to get the digestive system going. Add a teaspoon to hot water or in a drink bottle so U can sip through out the day (add 2 tea spoon to a drink bottle) alter how much vinegar you use to how much you can handle. It will taste better over time I promise. 

3: Smoothie: 1.5 frozen banana, almond milk, Amazonia vital greens , protein and a mix of other powders from Amazonia. You don't need to add all these though. Cocoa for a chocolaty flavour. And topped with ....... Muesli and a sprinkle of cinnamon 

4: At the start of the week boil some eggs, it's such an easy filling treat :) great source of vitamins and also vitamins for your eyes and strong bones 

5. Also at the start of the week or on a Sunday arvo make some healthy treats 

 Snack 1: Protein Balls!

These protein balls are my fav because it takes 10 min to prepare and make. I have a massive sweet tooth so these r great to have on hand in case of a break down haha! I freeze them, I like them hard and crunchy!


1 cup of soaked (overnight ) almonds

1 cup of walnuts

Mint leaves 4 leaves 

1 handful of sunflower seeds

A dash of vanilla and peppermint 

Chopped up dates 4-6 dates this is he mending product so add more if it needs to be stickier 

2 x tablespoons of cocoa

2 x tablespoons of protein powder

¼ cup of soaked (overnight) chia seeds (or dry if you don't have time)  


Add all to a blender (or half depending on strength of blender it can get stuck at the bottom) and then roll into balls … easy!  

Snack 2: Vegies!

6: chopped up carrot and home made hummus is perfect for on the run snack. Or even just a carrot 

Snack 3: Fruit & Nut

Almonds & mulberries are also delish for a sweet treat in the arvo. They’re a dried out berry. Most health food shops should have them

Don’t forget about WATER . Drink drink drink !!!

The more water the better. I find it hard to drink cold water. So I drink hot water. Get an eco friendly non plastic drink bottle and put hot water in to. And sip away all day :) Peppermint tea is great for the morning and green in the arvo 

Hint: I'm always on the run so I always have to have snacks in case I can't stop for lunch. I keep a container in my car of almonds caramelised buckwheat, and mulberries  

Number one rule: Be prepared! And have time for yourself