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#DHLSaferBeaches !!

Hey guys! 

I've been having a wicked time working with the DHL lifesavers!! Trying to raise awareness about staying SAFE on the beach this summer is a top priority! Below is a Q&A from the day and some news articles that went along with it. Enjoy the pics... hope to see you in the surf soon!!! EK xx

1.       Can you name 5-10 of your favourite beaches in Australia, and what’s different about them/ why you love them/ any sentimental reasons

- Watergoes beach in Byron. This is my favourite beach. It has the cruisest little waves to have a paddle on. I feel safe when I'm in the water because I know the surf life saving crew have an eye over me. It isn't too deep and the waves trickle on for a good 20second ride 

- Bondi - Super fun place to chill out. You are always bound to see some crazy people!

- Barwon Heads.  13th beach . Great long beach for the dog to sprint laps. Super close to my house so we always go down for the weekend with mates and chill at the beach 

- Jan Juc. Beautiful beach that has a nice wave. Safe to swim and can get some Anaximander sunsets 

- Burleigh heads. Nice and warm water! Perfect for a getaway !

2.       What do you never go to the beach without?

Sunscreen, a hat, a massive cold water bottle with ice, towel, a good magazine & my dog Isla if it's a dog friendly beach ( doggy poo bags haha!! ) 

3.       What’s your favourite beach in the world? 

Well I wish I could say I I have explored them all but I haven't (yet!). From my experiences to date however, I would say Tahiti and Bora Bora are the stand outs!  Crystal clear water, no pollution, so much wild life and you feel safe swimming wherever you desire. Even jumping off the boat into sharks and sting rays. The Sharks and sting rays in these places are harmless which is amazing :)

4.       Tell me about your association to Surf Life Saving Australia. Did you do Nippers as a kid?

I never got the chance to do nippers as I kid. But I wish I did!! All of those kids are so confident in the water. I'll definitely be enrolling my kids into nippers. I'm lucky enough however to currently be working on a campaign with DHL and Surf Life Saving Australia. The idea behind the campaign is to remind people of the importance of swimming between the flags! 

Throughout summer, DHL will reward beach-goers who update their social status with the swimmer emoji between two flags and use #DHLSaferBeaches. For every status update DHL will donate $1 to Surf Life Saving Australia & every person that posts will go into a draw to win a $1,000 SurfStitch voucher and $1,000 donation for the local SLSA club of their choice. If you want to read the full article about DHL, the link to the Daily Telegraph is here. 

Like many Australians, I practically live at the beach during summer. As we spend so much time on the shore it is so important to remember to be safe in the water. I love the idea of using social media to remind people to swim between the flags, while raising funds for the people who keep us safe on the beach. 

The paparazzi actually found me down on Bondi shooting this campaign... more shots here if you want a glance in!!