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Mother's Day ... ideas to make your Mum a happy chappy!

Mum and I ! 

Mum and I ! 

Have you all remember that it's Mothers Day on Sunday May 8th?! I hope so!!! 

Like most people these days, I spend my life on the run! I run between home, work, the gym, Sydney trips & OS location shoots. Life is hectic and crazy but finding time for my mum is a massive priority!! Some weeks we only manage to squeeze in a few texts and phone calls, so this Mother's Day, I'm planning a good one! 

First things first...some old school loving! A home cooked breaky in bed, a bunch of flowers and of course a mushy card telling her how much I love her! E.g. the ulta3 Mother’s Day cards have the cutest messages inside and come with a nail polish (pic below)! You can't lose with this combo! It's not about the dollars spend, it's about the time spent with her & the rest of your family!!!!

A good idea for an epic breaky in bed is a smoothie bowl. They are quick to whip up and they're packed with flavour and nutrients! For those of you who missed my recent "Mornings" blog that includes some smoothie bowl recipes, check it out here! There is a berry option and a chocolate option. They are both insanely delicious and healthy!!!! Your mum will get a healthy kickstart to her day! 

If you do want to buy your Mumma a gift or perhaps plan a little acitivy you can do together during the day, the ulta3 Care & Repair kit is a great idea (pic below). A cute mani date for the two of you. 

The steps for using the Care & Repair Kit are below (best to do this after breaky to avoid ruining your fresh mani!!) You can have a look at the kit online here.

  1. Cuticle Oil to primp nails

  2. Ridge filler and base coat

  3. Fave shade (maybe one of the shades from the card collection)

  4. Top Coat

Anyway there are PLENTY of ways to remind your Mum just how much you appreciate her. A giant cuddle is usually all it takes!

Have fun with your Mums this coming Mother's Day! If they happen to be sporty/active mums, have a look at entering in the Mother's Day Classic. An awesome way of raising money and support for Breast Cancer Research. To enter or read more, click here.

EK xxx