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In NYC with Emu Australia!

When you get a phone call with the news that your favourite Australian client is taking you to New York, you simply jump for joy and go CRAY CRAY !!! 

Late last year EMU Australia (@emuaustralia) took me on the adventure of a lifetime. New York, New York! When you’re an Aussie model there is nothing more exciting than travelling to the worlds greatest fashion hub to shoot a campaign! The city is jam packed full of such innovative people who seem to have endless amounts of creative energy! It’s like nothing I’d seen before!  

EMU Australia took me on the ultimate adventure. It was my first time to the big apple & their team definitely made sure it was an experience I wouldn’t forget!

We started the trip by shooting in the streets of Soho which is south of the park. It was November at the time so NYC was starting to get pretty icey cold! Luckily for me, EMU create the world’s warmest footwear collections so I was in perfect company. Despite being a summer girl, there is nothing better than slipping into cozy warm sheepskin boots! It is a luxury!

After Soho the team & I moved onto the Brooklyn Bridge & then to an amazing rooftop that looked over the whole city. Brooklyn is an absolute must if you are ever in the city. Sunset drinks, a picnicy vibe & watching the city lights at night is nothing short of magic.

Next stop, The Hamptons! Usually The Hamptons is where the American’s head for their summer vacations but since it was winter, it was exactly beach weather. Despite the chill, we layered up & hit the water! You should all know by now that absolutely nothing keeps me from the ocean!!  

 Brooklyn Rooftop ! 

Brooklyn Rooftop ! 

The team took amazing care of me & had me wearing waterproof boots the whole time! This meant we could capture beautiful close up shots down by the waters edge. I could wade around the puddles without getting wet feet. The dream! This is why I love the Emu brand & their amazing collections … a team of smart cookies!

Getting the chance to explore The Hamptons was a massive bonus. It’s such a cute holiday destination. So quaint & dreamy. If you go, make sure you stop into ‘The Lobster House’ for some delicious lobster tacos! They are very renowned & famous around town!

As if the trip couldn't get any better at this point… it then started snowing! REAL SNOW!!!!!!! The snow started to fall over the lake creating the most perfect scene. Like a picture book. And the awesome team captured every magical moment.  

The excitement of the snow instantly put an added spring into our step as everyone ran around wearing their cozy warm boots. Emu has absolutely nailed their designs for the wintery months. You simply can’t get any better than waterproof, sheep skinned, deliciously warm wooly boots!!  

Thank you Emu Australia for the trip of a lifetime!

 EK xx

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