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Keep It North X WaterAid Australia!

Many of you are familiar with Keep It North - the brand Sticks, Wombat, Josh and I created while we were on The Block. We did it to establish a friendship where kindness & loyalty came first! 

All of The Block's amazing viewers have since been asking "where can we buy the KIN merch?!" so the four of us have decided that the KIN brand is an amazing way to raise money for brilliant charities & organisations around the world and increase the exposure surrounding so many issues people face daily, that we don't know about. The brand & the excitement around it has the power to change lives & help many people - so let's do it!! 

You can now buy your very own Keep It North merchandise!! Finally we are bringing it to the people!

SHOP LINK:  www.keepitnorth.shop/ 

Not only will you be adding to your wardrobe, you'll also be supporting some very important causes.

This week we have chosen to donate all of the profits to WaterAid Australia. I've been working with WaterAid for a while now and I'm truely amazed at just how far they can stretch one donation. For those of you who are unfamiliar, WaterAid's goal is about "getting water, toilets and hygiene to the millions of people still living without these basic human rights." Imagine sending your kids to school know there was no running water or no flushing toilets. I recently travelled to Timor to get a deeper understanding of the battles they were fighting. What an eye opener. While I was there, I was able to see what the money raised went towards - and it was incredibly special!  Scroll down to see just how HAPPY clean, running water made the people of the villages. 

Money raised will help the villages within developing countries such as Timor structure their communities so that they're more hygienic & sustainable. Any amount of money can go a long way in these areas - so please give generously if you're able to. 

Think of it this way; Every $1 invested in water and toilets returns an average of $4 in increased productivity. 

Our aim is to share the love & help as many people & causes as possible. Next week we will choose another charity to recieve the profits from the Keep It North sales.  Sticks, Wombat, Josh and I are taking the "having each others back" concept to a whole new level! And we would absolutely love your support. 

Thank you for helping others and thinking of others! Spread the word by sharing the link & sleep easy knowing you have done an amazing thing!! 

Different styles of merchandise are currently in production - so stay tuned!!

Thanks guys,

Sticks, Wombat, Josh and Eyse.