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Cradle Mountain - Getaway from heaven!

Who else gets in a little funk at this time of year? Me too! Between winter, work, the daily grind (and in my case, The Block), it's important to book in some personal time. A little get away to clear your mind & switch off (mentally & electronically). Thanks to working with EMU Australia, I have been introduced to one of the most beautiful, picturesque, relaxingggg places. Cradle Mountain. 

Cradle Mountain is tucked away in Tasmania. And it is like heaven. Crispy cool air, the most incredible landscapes. It's the best spot to switch off, light the fire & cuddle up.

If you're anything like me however & you need to keep active, don't stress. Cradle Mountain has a heap of hiking trails, incredible wildlife to explore & massive amounts of gorgeous lush landscape to get lost in. If you're up for it, you could go kayaking on Lake St Clair/Cradle Mountain Lake. 

Just be wary, it's very, very chilly!! Make sure you pack a lot of warm gear! Layer up & keep your feet well and truly snug. EMU offers the best footwear for this type of getaway. I've popped by favourite three pairs from their latest collection below - the name of the boots is printed beneath each photo if you want to get shopping. Keep scrolling down to see the rest + some pics of beautiful Tassy.

Colebrook – these babies are waterproof! Honestly even in the warmer months, Cradle Mountain can be very wet so make sure you keep your socks dry with a pair of waterproof boots (even if you’re just strolling through the streets).

Clarence – now this is a luxurious boot! When they’re on it literally feels like walking on clouds as they're super lightweight with a memory foam insole/footbed. Plus they’re also water resistant which is a big win!

Primrose Sands- Active, outdoorsy girls - these are for you! Lace up, waterproof, hiker boots! When you put these on, all you'll feel like doing is getting ready for some serious outdoor exploring. 

As much as I love being comfy in my trackies and big socks, dressing up a little when you’re away is all part of the fun. EMU designs their range in a way that adds a little touch of style & luxe to your outfit. Check out their full range here & make sure to follow their Instagram

Until next time,

Elyse x