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Davidoff 'Cool Water'


One thing you might not know is that right after we finished filming The Block, I was on a plane flying off to shoot a global campaign… in Tahiti! No rest for the wicked. It was one of my biggest campaigns yet – so the excitement levels were high.

It seems like forever ago now as I've been sworn to secrecy for months ... BUT my Ambassadorship with Davidoff 'Cool Water' has just been announced!! It's finally all out there & it feels so exciting! Working on a global campaign with an international crew is a huge feat for me. I think I'm still pinching myself.

Most of the time I work alone or with a few other models when shooting. This time around, it was a little different. I was shooting with a big time Hollywood star ... Scott Eastwood! Crazy right?! This made my nerves a little stronger (especially when my call time at 4.30am & I was already on such a high after touching down in Tahiti), but once I got there is was fine! While it can be exciting to work alongside a known celebrity, all I could think about was diving into the clear water & kick starting the shoot.

The Davidoff campaign is made up of both stills & a TVC.  To get the job done, we had a HUGE crew. No joke, it was probably the biggest set I've ever worked on consisting of about 60 people from all over the world.

We had people from France, Mexico, Hawaii + all over America, London, Australia (me!) plus heaps of brilliant locals from Tahiti. It was one giant, multicultural family. I was actually blown away with just how enormous it was. The talent pool was insane - as was the equipment. The TVC camera alone was worth about a million bucks. That is some top notch equipment. 

Every detail of the shoot had to be 100%. This meant we did take, after take, after take. The crew literally did not stop until we nailed it. I love working in this type of environment. When everyone is committed to creating the best possible outcome with good old fashion hard work & patience - you know you're in good company. The best company.

It's pretty obvious by looking at the campaign images, but I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful location. Crystal clear water, blue skies and the most lovely locals. They smiled & danced around all day bringing joy to the set.

We filmed at Teahupoʻo in Tahiti which is one of the Top 10 Deadliest Waves. It's commonly referred to as the "heaviest wave in the world." While it looks like I was surfing those massive waves like a pro, it was actually my stunt double. Such a weird concept... but she was epic. Her name is @FrankieHarrer & she's a professional surfer from Malibu, California. Not joke, this girl is the ultimate shredder. I was stoked to be her twin for the day! She & Scott's stunt double dropped into Teahupo about 10 times during the shoot. Seeing them both share the same huge waves was wild. Frankie got smashed by one of her last waves. She went right onto the reef & then straight into the medic, to get 5 stitches. Like a pro, she didn't let it stop crush her spirit. She bounced back within minutes, such a legend. I couldn't believe how hard she went for me! So much love & respect for that weapon Frankie!

Davidoff 'Cool Water' is everything I live for in a bottle. Fresh air, rolling waves & pure outdoor peace and tranquillity. The coastal scent will always remind me of one of the most amazing working experiences to date. Thank you to the entire crew for what was an unforgettable campaign. It's pretty cool to think that I can wear this fragrance & be transported back into that magic at any moment. 

Follow the Davidoff action @davidoffparfums here!

Elyse x