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Preparation for the Seafolly Shoot!

Prepping for the job of your dreams can be stressful on your mind & your body. While it is SO exciting, it can also feel a little daunting. Getting the jitters is perfectly natural but you can successfully overcome them if you remain focused on the job ahead. Deep breaths and one step at a time. 

When I find out I’ve booked a big gig, the first thing I do is sit down & plan out a "health kick". It’s not about losing weight – it’s about toning up & feeling my best. It all starts with my headspace. Without a positive, “can-do” mindset, the result is never as great.

So to prep my mental strength I keep in mind that I’ve wanted the particular job (for example Seafolly), for a LONG time & I've now finally BOOKED THE JOB! The first big step is already done. Now it’s time for Step 2 ... to FEEL my best. "Feel" being the important word here.

On a swimwear shoot, its normal for about 40 + people to be on set with you. Campaigns like these involve big crews. Photographers, stylists, producers, makeup artists, videographers, assistants … the list goes on! That’s a lot of people looking at you. Seafolly was shot at the beautiful & iconic Bondi Beach so not only was their crew watching, there was hundreds of beach go-ers watching as well. Even a few sneaky paparazzi were lurking around taking snaps. With no where to hide & a big job at hand, I had to ignore what was going on around me & stay committed to the job like a pro. 

Shooting for a brand as loved as Seafolly feels like a lot of pressure but most of it comes from within. It’s so natural & too easy to become wrapped up in nerves. To battle these feelings, I just say to myself “Seafolly booked me for who I am. If I stay true to myself, I’ll be fine.” This sentence honestly played over in my head during particular moments of the shoot. I wanted to be the best version of myself for my dream client. Positive thinking only & always!

So that's the mental side of things. The other side of preparing for a big shoot is of course the physical. The second part of my “heath kick” is to make sure my diet is on point and my exercise regime is explosive. Time to fuel the belly with nourishing goodness & time to get the body active!

When it comes to my preparation diet, I stick with high protein foods, lots of natural fats, a tonne of veggies and a little fruit. The hardest thing for me is cutting out sugar. I have a major sweet tooth! Normally I am pretty good to myself & don’t deny myself a treat here & there ... but when it comes to training for a shoot, I cut it all out. I want to get to the end of the job knowing I’ve given it my absolute all – so a short term challenge is worth it!    

When I was training, I would say to myself, “SEAFOLLY, SEAFOLLY!” This little chant kept me strong & focused during each session. When I thought I couldn’t go any harder – I’d picture the years of hard work to get myself here & just keep on pushing. Your body can do amazing things when you set your mind to something. We are all so much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. You just have to dig deep to unveil your true potential. Don't let the hurdles in life scare you off - let them motivate you. 

I was training heaps in the lead up to Seafolly. Up to 2-3 times a day on occasions. From HITT classes, to weight classes, to long and brisk walks with my puppy. Towards the end, right before the shoot I started to feel quite exhausted. I always listen to my body. 100% of the time. So when the fatigue hit, I slowed it down quite a lot. There is no point getting this far & then burning out. Your health needs to come first always. No if’s or buts … NO excuses.

Now that the Seafolly shoot had wrapped up, I can look back feeling really proud of my efforts. It’s important to take the time to look back & congratulate yourself. Life moves so fast and we all forget to give ourselves credit for what we have achieved. We're always so geared to think, "What's next?!" Just pause for a second every now & again to OWN your accomplishments! I’m noticing the the importance of this as I get older. 

Be humble about your accomplishments and thank the people who continue to help & support you. And lastly, remind yourself that you deserve to be successful. Everyone who commits themselves & works their butt off deserves to be successful!! If you smash it, tell yourself "I SMASHED IT!" You mind feel dorky at the time but who cares! Life is too darn short to skip over your greatest moments. Own them with pride.

Here's a link to a recent Marie Claire interview where I give away lots of tips & tricks about preparing for a big shoot! Hopefully there are some helpful pieces of advice for you to build into your own "health kicks". 

For those of you who have been asking about my workout schedule leading up to the Seafolly shoot - the below breakdown will give you a good idea of how hard I was working! Keep in mind though, this is NOT my usual weekly workout. This baby is for campaign prep! She's a toughie!! My diet also changes to give me maximum strength and energy for these sessions and I make sure to drink tonnes of water to stay super hydrated. And of course my daily Vital-All-In-One ... an essential! 

Remember, fitness is just as much about mental strength as it is about physical. Think positively & you can do anything.

Elyse x


  • HIIT class

  • Legs & butt weight class

  • Big walk with the dog


  • HIIT class

  • Upper body weight class

  • Walk the dog


  • HIIT class

  • Walk the dog


  • HIIT class

  • Lower body weight class

  • Walk the dog


  • HIIT class

  • Upper body weight class

  • Walk the dog


  • HIIT class


  • Long Walk