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ELYSE Knowles has been busy. In just a few months, she’s turned a rundown Melbourne house into a multimillion-dollar home to win this season of Nine Network’s The Block, landed major campaigns for Aussie swimwear brand Seafolly and the new Bras N Things lingerie collection, and completed countless media interviews in between.

By all accounts, she should be tired - exhausted, even - but despite her jam-packed schedule (and the fact she was on a 7am flight from Melbourne to Sydney this morning), the 24-year-old arrives at the location for our cover photoshoot looking fresh-faced and ready to roll.

As the queen of multi-tasking (who does it all with a smile), Elyse knows a thing or two about maintaining her energy levels in times of stress. Here, she reveals her top 10 tips for nixing fatigue during the hectic party season.


“I try to go to the gym every day because it makes me feel positive and happy. I had so many things going on while we were filming The Block that I could only exercise once a week, but I made the effort because it sparked my energy levels and I’d walk out feeling amazing. I’m all about heart rate, so I go for high-intensity exercise.

I get competitive with myself by trying to get into my highest heart rate zone and that perks me up and gets me ready for the day.”


“If I’ve eaten well, my body feels good and I can go out feeling energised.

I always have a green smoothie in the morning, but during the show I didn’t have time to make it, so I’d buy juices for me, my partner, Josh, and our tradies. In a fast-paced environment it can be hard to have healthy options on hand, but you need your vitamins, so I always carried raw treats such as nuts, a protein ball or raw chocolate for a hit of energy - even at 4am!”


“Josh and I love getting away from our home in Melbourne on weekends because it restarts us for the week ahead.

We just go to the beach, walk our dog, Isla, and feel grounded again.

It really helps me to get out in nature, even just smelling the plants. I always hit the bush and go camping over the summer because that’s my ideal break - getting out in the dirt and getting back to basics.”


“When you’re busy, you need happy energy around you, so surround yourself with positive people. Doing the show, Josh and I always amped each other up and it helped having that support - we were in it together. Negative people bring you down, but being around people who have a smile on their face gives you a spark that keeps you going.”

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