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From 5.15am wake ups to 'fake' drinking alcohol: Model Elyse Knowles reveals the secrets behind her enviable figure - and says she works on her body EVERY DAY

Australian model Elyse Knowles has featured in countless high profile campaigns and is a well known face in the industry both in Australia and internationally. 

But it does not come easy. 

The 24-year-old recently opened up about her exhausting weekly routine and revealed just what it takes to stay in shape.

Speaking to Husskie, Elyse said she wakes up every morning at 5.15am and heads to a gym class to 'burn calories and pump some iron' before heading home and making herself a smoothie. 

'I work on my body every day. I am constantly working out, watching what I eat and drink, and making sure my brain is healthy too,' she said, adding that she always tried to think positively. 

'My weekly exercise is always different, depending on where I am with work so it’s a bit hard to give you an exact outline. I do gym classes, Pilates and boxing. I mix it up depending on what tickles my fancy.' FULL ARTICLE HERE