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Clean drinking water is a luxury we take for granted in Australia

That’s why it’s hard to imagine a life where you don’t have access to clean water every day; to drink, to have a shower, wash your hands or go to the toilet. Unfortunately, even in the 21st century these communities still exist. This is why I’m teaming up with WaterAid to help raise awareness of the 650 million people worldwide without access to safe water and make a change.

WaterAid works in 37 countries around the world, challenging the inequalities that prevent the poorest and most marginalised people from realising their right to safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

Safe water, improved hygiene and sanitation transform lives. When children’s health improves, they are able to attend school. When women are freed from the burden of water collection, they have more time to work to earn an income and grow food. Families are able to take their first steps out of poverty. FULL ARTICLE HERE

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