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Game on: Elyse and Josh vs Georgia and Ronnie!! 

Well that didn’t take long!

Two episodes in and we’ve already seen this epic fight with snarky comments, sore losers, name calling and tears.

In last nights’ episode Georgia and Ronnie won the challenge, allowing them to choose which house they wanted. They picked House Three, because not only is it the biggest, it also contained a safe filled with vouchers and cash. But the safe also contained an iPod with a message from Scott explaining they had to choose between swapping houses with someone, or take $8500 from a couple’s budget for the bathroom reno.

Georgia and Ronnie decided they were going to pick strategically because they’re in it to win it.

Then the couple discovered the mess left behind by Elyse and Josh, who had House Three for the challenge and they were not impressed.

Georgia explains, “We came in all excited and then look at their two bedrooms and apparently all of their demolition rubbish is in the bedrooms and not in the bins.” 

In the high pressure environment of The Block, when you’re racing against the clock, rubbish might not be high on the priority list. However, in this case it was certainly not an oversight.

Josh had admitted earlier in the episode, “Coz everyone wants to place, I reckon I’ll dump all of the rubbish into the back rooms and then they’ll have to remove it.”

His girlfriend, Elyse, supported his shady decision, “If we don’t win this house, then they can have it.”

To say Georgia and Ronnie were not impressed is putting it mildly.

“I just think it’s a dog act” Ronnie said, “There’s no respect, 'coz now I’ve gotta spend three hours cleaning up someone else’s mess.”

It was a puzzling move by Elyse and Josh, because the nature of the game is that anything you do can come back to bite you and in this case it certainly didn’t take long.

In a move that surprised no one, Georgie and Ronnie decided to dock the $8500 from Elyse and Josh and that’s when things got nasty. FULL ARTICLE HERE 

Pic from Nine Homes

Pic from Nine Homes

Pic from Nine Homes

Pic from Nine Homes