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Elyse Knowles by Brett Costello

Elyse Knowles by Brett Costello

WITH her renovation efforts wowing viewers, breakout Block star Elyse Knowles is looking at the blueprint for what could be a towering TV career.

As The Block rolls on, rating more than a million viewers an episode, the 24-year-old bikini babe said she now has the confidence to explore a career outside of modelling.

“I am willing to take on any adventure and I work really hard to get what I want and to deliver 100 per cent quality in everything I’m doing,” Knowles told The Daily Telegraph, as she took a break from shooting the new EMU Australia campaign yesterday at Bondi Beach.

Knowles and her tradie partner of four years, Josh Barker, are the standouts on this season, but although Knowles began modelling aged 10, she prepared for the show by seeing a speech therapist.

“It was about confidence. If you are not confident talking in front of crowds, it can really get to you.

“Confidence is key and The Block gave me so much experience with interviews, talking in front of cameras and being live and present, I value that so much,” she said. ... FULL ARTICLE HERE