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Elyse Knowles
 is living her best life. Since winning The Block in 2017, the 26-year-old has worked her butt off. Not only is she the face of swimwear brand Seafolly and natural beauty company Aveda, but she’s also now a Myer ambassador. And to top it all off, Elyse recently released her first book called From Me to You: Living Life with positivity, passion and purpose. While Elyse is a self-confessed tomboy, she is also super beauty obsessed and we were lucky enough to chat all things makeup and skincare with the gorg model.

What are the top five beauty products that you can’t live without?

I can’t live without natural face oils, which I put on at night and sleep in and I know it’s sinking into my skin and it feels really nice. I also use a CC cream most days as it’s light and I can wear it all day without it feeling too heavy on my face. I love doing my brows so I use a brown brow mascara to brush them up. For perfume, I use natural essential oils. I always have two little tubes in my bag so I can use them during the day and they also have a calming element as well. You smell it and just go ‘ahhh’. And I always have a lip balm from Est that’s got natural ingredients and if I lose that lip balm I’m a cranky girl!

You refer to yourself as a tomboy but you also love makeup. Have you always been interested in beauty?

I like that you can switch characters [through makeup] so I’ll go from not caring one little bit about what I look like, or having makeup on or doing my hair and then I’ll switch into work mode and I absolutely love makeup and hair and whenever someone does my makeup, I just love watching and I watch every element that they do and their technique and the products their using so I adore both sides and it’s nice to play in both.

Have you picked up any tips and tricks from makeup artists over the years?

I’ve been doing modeling since I was ten so I’ve learnt a lot through them, even just like the right way to curl your hair, how to not damage your hair, how to put eyelashes on, how to do eyeliner – which is still a thing that I struggle with – and just how to not pack on the makeup. There’s a real technique to putting makeup on so it looks light and fresh and you can still see your skin.

What is one product you’ll always splurge on and one you’ll always save money on?

I’ll always splurge on skincare and I’ll always save money on mascara.

From Me to You: Living life with positivity, passion and purpose by Elyse Knowles is out now.


Elyse Knowles - Girlfriend Magazine