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Days after model Elyse Knowles shared confronting images of her painful eye surgery, the Myer ambassador took to her Instagram account again, this time revealing details about her ongoing skin battle.

The 26-year-old posted a series of barefaced images to her page. While she admitted she never usually shows a complete, makeup-free face, she wanted to share a very raw version of herself.

“Why? Because women need to stick together in good times and crappy times,” Knowles said in her blog.

“Skin has always been a trouble of mine. I’ve combated blemishes and really bad pimples for years and years … and it can really get me down and cause me to feel incredibly self-conscious.”

She said that she understands some people have much bigger problems with the condition of their skin and while breakouts are not the end of the world, it still causes her to feel unhappy and down.

“So I feel as if it’s important to show you all me, when I’m feeling a little vulnerable and self-conscious. I really want to make sure you all know that it is natural, normal and healthy to have worries.”

Knowles, who is currently recovering from eye surgery where a growth was removed from her right eye, reminded her readers to never feel alone.

“We all have days when the world is not fully on our side. That’s when we need our friends.”

She managed to get through high school without any pimple dramas, but after she left, her skin battles began.“It’s been a constant annoyance of mine for years, mainly because I have so many makeup artists look closely at my face every day.”

Knowles, who shot to fame after winning the 2017 season of reality TV show The Block, went on to say that she thought she had it under control last year, but the improvements were not permanent.

She went through two rounds of Roaccutane, which she is highly against, saying unless it’s a last resort that has been prescribed by your doctor don’t take it, as for her, it came with a lot of side effects.

“The thing you need to understand about Roaccutane is that it’s very hard on your hormones and emotions. When I say I was moody, during the treatment — I meant it.”

After the first round, her skin was clear for six months, but the problems returned. She hesitantly did another round and was on it during filming for The Block.

“Filming the show made me even more tired! Between Thursday and Sundays, we’d be lucky to get four hours (sleep) some weeks — so with the Roaccutane on top of that, I was struggling,” Knowles said.

“I didn’t tell anyone about the medication though because I didn’t want people to feel sorry for me.

“We all have to do the best we can to get through each day, given our personal circumstances. But I was pretty exhausted and run down a lot of the time.”

Since finishing the second round (about a year ago), again, she thought her skin was clear for good.

“Nope … once again, she’s back in full swing!”

Now, she is at a loss for what to do next.“I’ve tried a million products; I do regular peels and facials. I invest a lot of time (every day) and dollars to my skin and I still have not conquered the cure,” she went on to say.

“I know that genetics play a big part, as do hormones — but I would LOVE to find a consistent solution as the unpredictability of breakouts does get me down.”

Knowles said that at the age of 26, she assumed her skin would finally clear up, but it hasn’t been the case.

As she is constantly surrounded by makeup artists in her line of work, she said she can’t control the types of products they use on her skin.

“At home and in my personal life, I am so selective. And I try to go makeup-free as much as possible.

“Because of my recent eye surgery (hence the super red eye below), I’ve been home all week with a naked face and it feels fantastic.“I’m looking forward to a summer of rest, saltwater and vitamin D to replenish it a little … my skin needs some time off and some TLC.”

The former Seafolly ambassador reminded her readers, that in a world of social media, to ignore any nasty comments that can bring you down.

“I need to ensure my skin is clear and healthy to remain professional for my clients — who deserve the highest standard. And then of course, there is social media … And we all know how judgmental the world can be when they’re hiding behind their phones … Hugely judgmental and very cruel.

“It’s just a matter of growing a thick skin and switching the ignore button on in your head. Those people do not count, so ignore, ignore, ignore!”

She summed up her lengthy blog post by saying that she again understands her skin battles are not as dire compared to others, but wanted to share her personal struggle.

“This blog is not about venting, complaining or whingeing — it’s about being honest. Every single women (and person in general), battles with imperfections and things that make them feel self-conscious. We’re all in this life together — as equals,” she said.

“I would love to be able to wear no makeup every single day and (be) confident in my clear skin; it’s just a matter of time and patience.”

She called out to her readers, asking if any have ideas or recommendations, to let her know.