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Brooke Meredith & Elyse Knowles - Body and Soul 2018

She’s super chic, besties with Elyse Knowles and knows how to make a killer breakie bowl. This is why you need to know Brooke Meredith.

For those of you who don’t know Brooke Meredith, it’s time to put her on your radar STAT. The model, graphic designer and certified health coach is also founder and editor-in-chief of A Conscious Collection Magazine – a chic publication advocating wellness and health.

Add to this, she is currently the official event ambassador and face of the Formula 1® 2018 Rolex Australian Grand Prix and Glamour on The Grid event.

It’s fair to say, Meredith has a lot on her plate, so when she reveals to myBody+Soul how she starts each day to set herself up for success, we’re all ears.

“I always like to start my day on a positive note. Lately I’m waking up and writing down five things I’m grateful for; it really sets a nice tone for the day.”

Pretty easy for those playing along at home – just grab a pen and paper and leave them by your bed.

A perfect morning also needs a perfect breakfast and with Meredith, the most important meal of the day is nothing short of café quality. “I’m all for savoury in the morning and a regular at home consists of; sautéed broccolini, snap peas, kale, asparagus, two poached eggs (fried if I’m too rushed) topped with goat cheese.”

Dinner is equally as impressive, “It’s usually lean meat and a big salad full of ALL of the toppings, or Zucchini Pesto Pasta. I also love a good earthy plate of roast vegetable and oven roasted salmon. Yum!”

While a scroll of her Instagram will have you believe everything is smiles, acai bowls and kale salads for Meredith, things weren’t always this way.

A Conscious Collective was actually born out of Meredith’s desire to get healthier herself. “At the time (late 2014) I was going through some major health and lifestyle changes in result of a few food intolerances and lifestyle choices. After months of feeling fatigued, foggy and bloated, I turned to a naturopath for help,” she explains.

“He opened my eyes to the wonderful world I’m exposed to now, with whole foods and holistic healing, I had never even considered, nor been exposed to in the past. From there I used my new-found knowledge to change my eating habits. I began to experiment with more whole, natural foods and fell in love with the lifestyle that made me feel amazing.”

She then enrolled in a nutrition course and started sharing recipes online – and just like that A Conscious Collective was conceived.

With health being at the centre of Meredith’s work and play, she admits exercise is important for her to stay mentally sharp. “I love to run, box, surf and I’m obsessed with hot Pilates.”

She’s also started embracing meditation. “As a busy type – A personality, I really find it hard to disconnect from my work, which also happens to double as my passion. Meditation, while not easy for me to grasp straight away - has really helped me find a sense of calm.”

And with a busy schedule she understands eating on the run is sometimes a must, which is why she’s always prepared with protein-rich snacks on hand. “The higher the protein, the fuller it will keep you. So, if you are time poor and can’t fit in a full balanced meal, opt for this as a preference. Think nuts, seeds, protein balls and boiled eggs (if you are well prepared). Bananas are my saviour also.”

While exercise and a healthy diet contributes to Meredith’s inner glow, she also swears by vitamin c serums for that outer glow. “They are really hydrating and great for brightening skin tone and keeping your skin feeling fresh and youthful.”

Her go-to brand? SKIN by ecostore as she says the all-natural ingredients gave been “a much welcomed addition to my skincare regime.”

So how can we live a lifestyle as beautiful as Meredith’s?

“Learn to love your ‘imperfections’ that’s what makes you unique and YOU. Stop comparing yourself to other. Stop the harsh judgments on yourself and begin to focus on the things you do love about yourself and it honestly can change your whole mindset. You are beautiful just the way you are.” FULL ARTICLE HERE