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Herald Sun

WHILE some may go to extreme lengths to airbrush and filter on social media, Elyse Knowles has shown off her natural glow and freckly complexion in a makeup-free selfie.

The 25-year-old — who won last year’s series of The Block with boyfriend Josh Barker — shared the honest snap with her 880,000 Instagram followers on Monday.

“This is ME,” she captioned the photo, which showed off her tanned, freckled complexion and loosely-styled hair.

Knowles tagged her hairstylist in the photo, suggesting she was about to pose for a photoshoot.

The part-time renovator and part-time model has gained a legion of followers on the social media platform. She regularly posts glamorous selfies and snaps of herself on the social scene.

And while she’s considered a social influencer, she admitted to Stellar recently she has a love-hate relationship with Instagram.

“I’m so sick of proving myself to everyone: proving you have to be this kind of person or you have to look like this or you have to be in a bikini in every shot. It kills me!” she told the magazine last year.

“I don’t have to do that, no-one has to do that, but they think they do to get anywhere on social media. I don’t want it to control me; I want to control it.”

Knowles and Barker became household named last year when they sold their winning house on The Blockfor a whopping $3.06 million. Comedian Dave Hughes was the buyer.