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You could say that Elyse Knowles, 25, wears many hats. Not only did she roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty to see her and partner, Josh Barker take out the winning title for last year’s season of The Block, the social media influencer began her modelling career at just 10-years-old and has been hustling ever since.

She’s been the face of a number of iconic Aussie and global brands including Billabong—and most recently has added an ambassadorship for swimwear label, Seafolly to her portfolio.

As for looking after herself, well, Elyse believes in exercising for benefits that go beyond just maintaining her physique. She mixes it up between HIIT and long walks, is all about eating for fuel and doesn’t deprive herself of the occasional treat.

Read on as we get to know Elyse a little more…

What does your fitness routine currently look like? 

For me, exercising in the morning is crucial. Every night before bed I book myself into a class or a personal training session… this way I am locked in and I have to go! For me, it is as much about mental health as the physical… when I start the day with a good workout I am much better positioned to tackle the day with energy and purpose.

I do high intensity training and I also do a lot of weight training which I love. I try to do two lower body weight sessions a week as well as one to two upper body classes a week. I mix these sessions up depending on my work commitments.

I also walk the dog on the beach every day for 45 minutes to an hour.  This is more about relaxation and enjoying some quiet some outside with my fur baby Isla… it’s really meditative for me. I find I do some of my very best thinking in this time.

How would you describe your healthy eating philosophy?

As a rule, I always try to eat super healthy and clean foods… foods that nourish my body and give me the fuel I need for the busy and active lifestyle I love to lead.  I have learned over the years that I can’t starve my body… and a diet of high protein, high natural fat and lots of fruit and vegetable works really well for me. That said, I also have a sweet tooth and happily treat myself from time to time. It’s all about moderation and staying healthy.

What is your approach to beauty? Are you a ‘less is more’ kinda girl?

It totally depends on what I’m doing. Day to day I’m probably a ‘less is more’ kinda girl but I do love getting done up. As my job often involves me wearing professional hair and makeup I find its good to let my skin get a rest and just breathe on my days off.  If I am not working I tend to keep it quite simple… focusing on good skincare and then just popping on a tinted SPF moisturiser, mascara and some lip balm.


Who is your ultimate style icon?

Gigi and Bella Hadid are pretty hard to not mention. They are in my age demographic, absolutely killing it in their careers and looking mighty fine whilst they are doing it! They also appear not afraid to think outside the box and wear new trends which I think is great. Go girls.

What does it mean to you to be working with such an iconic brand like Seafolly? 

As a young aspiring model, working with Seafolly as their ambassador is quite literally a dream come true to me. I have always been a huge fan of the brand growing up and have always admired their iconic campaigns and international super models that fronted them. To think that it is now my turn to represent the brand on a global scale is overwhelming to say at the least! Seafolly have always boasted an impressive portfolio of models such as Gigi Hadid, Miranda Kerr and Jess Hart and I’m still pinching myself that I’m the next girl to join the line-up. This opportunity is truly a career highlight and absolute honour.

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