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Elyse Knowles, The Block 2017 winner and Australian model has shared her fitness and health regimen with her Instagram and blog followers.

Elyse’s latest post sees the model opening up about the type of training and preparation she undergoes leading up to a major campaign, to ensure that she is feeling her absolute best!

“When I find out I’ve booked a big gig, the first thing I do is sit down & plan out a "health kick". It’s not about losing weight – it’s about toning up & feeling my best. It all starts with my headspace. Without a positive, “can-do” mindset, the result is never as great,” the model wrote in her post this morning.

Recently being announced as the new face of swim label Seafolly, Knowles has regularly discussed her excitement and happiness for being apart of the campaign with her followers, disclosing that partnering with the Australian swimwear company is the job of her dreams.

In her most recent blog post titled; Preparation For The Seafolly Shoot, Elyse discusses the importance of mental strength and a positive mindset being the key to helping anyone, including herself, achieve their goals. She believes in a combination between a positive mindset, a balanced and nutritious diet, a healthy and consistent workout routine and staying hydrated.

The 24-year-old also completed not one but two workouts per day including a heart rate increasing HIIT workout and a weight session to tone her incredible bikini body.  

As for her ridiculous abs? We all know a taught mid-section is the result of a disciplined eating regimen. "When it comes to my preparation diet, I stick with high protein foods, lots of natural fats, a tonne of veggies and a little fruit," Knowles shared. 

"The hardest thing for me is cutting out sugar. I have a major sweet tooth!"

Sounds like the self-proclaimed girl-next-door really is just like us! 


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