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Photo by Justin Lloyd.

Photo by Justin Lloyd.

YESTERDAY marked the beginning of the end for Jennifer Hawkins’ reign as the face of Myer.

The former Miss Universe took to the runway for the retail giant for one of the last times at an intimate, in-store catwalk in Sydney.

The Myer Runway Series will be replicated in stores around the country in the coming weeks, with Hawkins to walk in Myer’s Bourke St store on September 13 — probably her last runway for the brand.

Hawkins said it had been an emotional time since revealing plans to part ways with the retailer after more than 12 years.

“Myer are so special to me and it’s so wonderful to have these runway shows in front of the customers and be able to thank them for their support over twelve years,” she said.

“I got really emotional reading some of the comments customers left me after the announcement I was stepping down. It is the end of a chapter.”

Hawkins shared the catwalk with fellow ambassadors Rachel Finch and Kris Smith and the department store’s incoming talent, former Hawthorn star Josh Gibson and reality TV star, Elyse Knowles.

Knowles said she was excited to join one of her idols on the runway.

“Jen was a huge inspiration for me growing up, and still is a huge inspiration to me,” she said.

“I never could have imagined I would ever work with Jen so I’m really grateful for the opportunity to learn from her, and I’ve worked really hard for it, so I’m celebrating.”

“In this day and age women should support women; we should inspire each other, motivate each other, help each other and we should be able to shine together; that’s what I’m about and that’s what Jen’s about.”

Hawkins rejected rumours of a rivalry between the two.

“There’s been so many ambassadors along the way, and we have each offered something unique to the brand,” she said.

“I applaud Myer for bringing on new ambassadors, I want the very best Myer — I’m a shareholder.

“But more than that, they are a part of my heart.”

Finch was excited to be a part of Myer’s changing of the guard.

“It’s a great energy with the five ambassadors — it feels like a big group of friends and a celebration of both new relationships and iconic ones coming to an end; and the beauty is the customers can experience it too,” she said.

The runway heralded in an eclectic range of new season trends with vivid colours, bold prints and relaxed silhouettes dominating the show.

Hawkins said the spring-summer season was about a laid-back look.

“It’s a relaxed vibe and that’s what I love,” she said.


Photo by Justin Lloyd.

Photo by Justin Lloyd.