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MODEL Elyse Knowles made her official debut as Myer’s newest ambassador on Thursday night, but the 26-year-old says she has been preparing for this day for months.

Knowles looked incredible as she walked down the runway alongside veteran Myer ambassador Jennifer Hawkins at the department store’s Spring/Summer show in Sydney.

“It is a lot of preparing, a lot of sessions in the gym and a lot of looking after your mindframe is key,” Knowles told news.com.au just a few hours before the show.

“You have to be positive and happy so you can perform in the gym as well. It’s an all around thing, from food and what you eat, to your state of mind,” she said.

Knowles normally works out five to six days a week doing a mix of weights and low-impact cardio training.

“I love doing HIIT sessions ... a mix between machines and cardio like rowing or the assault bike. It kills you! And a lot of sled pulling and pushing. That’s the only cardio I like to do. I don’t run, it’s all low-impact for me,” she said.

But with a long day of media commitments to promote the Myer show, Knowles had to skip the gym tonight.

“No, I didn’t have time today. I woke up at 6am and I had to be ready for hair and make-up,” she said.

“Today I’ve had a few little breaks and I’ll sit on the ground and do a few ab sessions.

I hate missing out on exercise. It’s become such a part of my routine and such a part of me that it makes me happy when I’ve completed it. I do it in the morning so I can take on the day feeling strong. I get a lot of energy from the gym.”

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