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Elyse Knowles by Lauren Schulz

Previous Block winner and Myer ambassador Elyse Knowles has revealed that she is happy to leave the city life behind in Melbourne for a more slow-paced lifestyle in the famous tourist hotspot and hippie beach town of Byron Bay.

She made the official move a few weeks ago with partner Josh Barker (who she won The Block with).

The blonde beauty shared the below sentiments as to the reason for the move in a public blog post that was published on her website.

She says, “Lots of people have been asking me why I've made the move to Byron Bay” and then explains, “There a few answers to this question. Firstly, change can bring opportunity, fresh beginnings & a new perspective. It challenges you to go out & meet new people, find new habits and just live your life in a slightly different way. It's refreshing & very liberating.”

Knowles even posted the below picture captioned, “Fresh new beginnings as we settle into our new home! Read WHY we decided to move 🌏Link in profile 🤟🏼” on her Instagram less than 24 hours ago.

Elyse expressed another reason Byron Bay was her choice for a new home, “Secondly, living in a place where pretty much everyone is consciously aware of their carbon footprint is pure BLISS! People care about more than just their actions. They care deeply about the effect their actions have on other people, species & industries. It’s a little green hub!”

In an effort to live a more socially/environmentally-conscious life, she goes further to say, “Byron is a beautiful part of Australia. And I am so proud to be living in a community where the people are dedicated to the cleanliness of their water & the state of their outdoors.”

The model finished her post with some other sentiments about her life being so hectic, “Thirdly - life has been quite nuts over the last few years. Just so crazyyyy busy. Don't get me wrong - you all know how I love to be as busy as possible, however it can become quite consuming & exhausting.”

In the age of fast-paced living and social media, Elyse notes the other wonderful reason she now calls Byron Bay home, “Another thing I've noticed in Byron is that everyone looks around! People's eyes are up & not focused down on their phones as much. They are looking around, taking in the views, smiling & saying hello to the people they pass! Yes, they say HELLO! Who would have thought saying hello was so hard?!”