The Block BLOG

Studio Week

We were over the moon with how our studio ended up this week! The look & feel of it is so special. As the judges mentioned, the room has touches of Indian styling, little snippets of Industrial elements and pieces of antique & Danish furniture. It sounds like a lot, but collectively the group of styles worked beautifully together whilst remaining really refined & simple.

Our house (No.5) captures so much northern light. We are so lucky as all of the light collected completely fills our home creating a warm & comfortable environment. The natural light this week in particular has added so much spaciousness to the studio. It feels big & grand.

We repeated some of our favourite elements from the main house this week to make sure there was a nice flow throughout the entire property. The glass door that opens into our studio is similar to the door we used in our hallway - both feature a beautiful black edge. The black edge was carried through in our choice of coffee table, side table & full length mirror - plus our wardrobes are matte black & as well as the bathroom trimmings. This little design touch adds to the sophistication of the house. It looks sleek, modern & expensive!! 

Everyone on The Block was a little red eyed and crazy this week. The exhaustion has set in big time! But we're so close to the finish line so there was absolutely no chance we were going to give up - even Josh who had a big case of Man Flu! Despite a few hiccups this week, forgetting to order the bathroom bench top, a tighter budget and almost 0 sleep - we ended up with something so special. Sharing second place with our mates Sticks & Wombats was a good feeling! 

Big thanks to our wonderful team of tradies who spend their days helping us build this amazing house! Have a look at the room up close below & make sure to head to The Block Shop if you find anything you must have :) @joshandelyse is where you can follow the rest of the madness

Until next time, 

Elyse and Josh