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Guest Bedroom - WINNING room!

This week started off with a dirty, dusty beginning! Thanks to our lovely neighbours Clint & Hannah (the original owners of House 5), we had to endure a full day of removing thick, black dust that had accumulated over years and yearsssss in the roof. Holy Moly. It was tough but it had to be done so our Guest Bedroom could start out fresh!

Our bedroom flows beautifully into the design of our home. We repeated the wall paneling & used a fresh white paint to give the room a light, bright feeling as soon as you walk in. I sourced a bunch of warm textures to make it feel soft & homely… velvets, tassels and some plush fluff!  In terms of the colour palatte; I used our artwork to dictate hues & tones. We’ve used shades of blue, burnt oranges & blush pinks for the pillows, throws, decorative items & seating. Shaynna loved it so – tick tick tick!!! 

One of my favourite parts of the bedroom is the teal velvet bedhead. It is absolutely amazing… looks luxurious yet soft and cuddly. Perfect for this room.

Stakes were high this week as everyone produced epic rooms but I am so proud of team Josh & Elyse… because we WON!!! We drew first with Ronnie and Georgie – both teams receiving a perfect score.

This win is SO important at this point of the competition as we’re about to head into Landscaping week. We have our work well & truly cut out for us, so here goes nothing!!! Josh and I have a pretty brilliant team working on site this week, who we are so grateful to have. Here goes nothing!!! Cross your fingers and toes for us – nailing another win is the dream!

For all details see below for pics & head to The Block Shop / follow us at @joshandelyse to shop the look! 

Until next time guys!

Elyse & Josh