The Block BLOG

Auction Day Magic!!

Oh my GOSH! We are still shaking with excitement and complete disbelief! Winners of The Block 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh baby!

I cannot tell you how very proud we are of each other plus every other contestant on The Block. Without the friendships, the fun, the healthy competition and complete magic brought into Elsternwick every single day, we couldn't have made it! We are very fortunate to have been part of such an incredible show. 

Thank you so so much to Channel Nine & the entire crew at The Block. From Scotty Cam, Shelley, Keith, Dan, the three stellar judges, our brilliant team of builders who are the best in the business, the amazing people at Domain, Stayz, our real estate team plus all of the epic sponsors, our beautiful family & friends and the fans of the show - we are so thankful and appreciative! 

What an adventure!!!! Congratulations to all five houses on The Block! There are 5 very lucky buyers out there with beautiful homes to call their own... including our buyer Dave Hughes! 

Josh and I cannot wait to continue making beautiful homes in the future. The story doesn't end here! From the bottom of my heart, thanks again to everyone who we met & worked with during this process. Absolute legends :)

As always, head to The Block Shop for some goodies for your own homes!!

Thanks again guys! Your support throughout the series means the absolute world to Josh & I! x