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The Outdoor Sanctuary!

That was like running a marrathon, three times over! Landscapping week was a big one - for all houses! You all would have seen the drama unfold over the week... please learn from this. Be nice to your neighbours & make friends not enemies! 

Thanks to the biggest legend, Dave Franklin + his team our garden is an absolute sanctury! To complete a pool like the one we did, build a big deck, install an outdoor kitchen, plant a luscious garden, style it etc etc etc was HUGE but we did it in the nick of time!! 

As we continue to say, indoor/outdoor living is hugely important to Josh and I. Getting outside in the fresh air with your family is bliss - so this home is carefully designed for a family with kids who want to lead a healthy, active and social lifestyle all year round. 

Styling wise this week, we kept the aesthetic in line with the rest of our house. Lots of earthy & neutral tones and textures. Variations of timbers, brick & concrete layered with blues & greens to complete the natural element & our big blue pool! Nothing is too stark white or precious as a garden is somewhere you want to relax, play and enjoy! The last thing busy families need is a high maintenance garden, so our outdoor space is designed to get better as it matures overtime. As the trees grow & as people settle into the area to make lasting magical memories - this garden will flourish! 

I cannot believe we won but it's truely well deserved as Dave Franklin, his amazing team + Josh and I worked out butts off to build something grand! And we did it with huge success! We are two very happy little vegemites this week! 

Check out the pics below and to shop the look head to The Block Shop. Follow us for more behind the scenes content @joshandelyse 

Until next week ...

Elyse & Josh