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behind the scenes...what's making me HAPPY at the moment!

Photography by  Ed Purnomo

Photography by Ed Purnomo

Here's a list of things you might not know about me. I wanted to write this post because the one thing in life I cherish the most is HAPPINESS! And I am the happiest when people can see the real & honest me... so here I am!  10 things that make me who I am today :)


I've had to shower outside for 2 months through winter .... I've been cooking on a camper cooker and BBQ for 1 year....I had NO  heater or walls throughout winter ...My desk is currently on top of a dryer. Fun times ;) 


I have my ups and downs just like everybody else. I think well all do but we don’t realise it. Its only natural to feel down sometimes. But you know what, it makes you ten times stronger. You have to go down before you can go back up. 


I try to not let anything or anyone get in my way. There is always going to be competition out in this world but I try and be the best person I can. I work hard & see positive results. It motivates me more when I see my goals getting achieved.

The key is to make smaller goals and try and achieve them one by one. There is no rush! Once you have nailed them, make your goals keep getting bigger and bigger. KEEP KICKING GOALS!


Lately I have started to eat a little less meat...there are amazing replacements like tofu!  I don’t eat too much dairy either. I try and swap it for things like almond milk. I can't lie though... sometimes I absolutely splurge on sugar. It's my weakness BUT I always make sure I work a little bit harder the next day! It's important to teach your body how to quickly work off the nasties before they are stored as fat. 


I have a drink bottle on me at all times. If i'm not using the memobottle, I use one with a tea leaf filter in it. In the mornings I put some loose tea leafs in and I am ready for the day! It gives me boosts of energy & adds flavour ... drinking plain water can get a little boring sometimes. 


I look like a bum when I don't have to get all dressed up for work & events. COMFY clothing allllll the way. Minal makeup, a hat & some sunnies is all I need! 


I get bored very easily. If my weekends are full of activities, I'm happy!  

Skateboarding, surfing, beach, snow boarding, wake boarding, skiing , motie riding or even chillin with mates, walking the dog on the beach, exploring new cafes....throw all of this into my weekend & I am one happy chap!


... is the key to a stable mental state. If I stop exercising I loose my motivation for almost everything. I end up eating crappy things and then getting the guilts! I'd much rather have a splurge & then work extra hard in the gym the day after!! You have to be kind to yourself...but you also have to look after yourself as well. Both inside & outside! 

I aim to exercise everyday. Even if it’s a nice walk on the weekend... it all counts! 


I chase the sun as much as I can. It makes me happy! Even to be outside in the sun for 20 min a day can make me feel so much happier. If I'm at work in the studio, at lunch time I'll be running out the door to sit in a dressing gown & eat my lunch in a sunny spot. Fresh air & sun is the key to my happiness...and I always cover up with sunblock!! 


Do you know the best thing to do sometimes. Turn off the bloody phone!! No social media. It refresh’s you. Why is there a need to show the whole world what you are doing every part of the day?? Whoooooo knows. But sometimes I get sick of it. So I turn off the phone and have a social media free day. Do it I dare ya!!

Anyway I hope that this post shows you all that despite getting to do some really fun & lucky jobs with amazing people... at the end of the day, i'm just the plain ol' girl next door! The simple things in life make me SO happy!!!!! You don't need anything more than family, friends, good health ... and LAUGHTER to keep yourself feeling amazing!! Don't waste time comparing yourself to anyone else. Be an individual. It's the best kind of person ! 

EK xxx