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WelleCo... getting the body of Elle Macpherson!


As summer is creeping up I wanted to write a post dedicated to health & wellness. I'm lucky that my day job keeps me in pretty good shape... Having to strip off into bathers & undies nearly everyday means there is NO WHERE to hide! The upside is that is that it motivates me to keep fit & eat healthy. So I always need a few little handy tricks to keep me from indulging! 

Lots of girls email me asking for advice about how to keep in shape, how to make healthy snacks etc etc. I love getting these emails because it shows that people are treating their body like a temple. So I thought instead of you having to contact me, I'd write to you all instead.

A few weeks ago someone told me about WelleCo... a range of health & wellbeing products brought out by "the body" herself ... Elle Macpherson! I did some reading about it online & was then lucky enough to have the Welleco team explain it all to me. And it's pretty awesome

Welleco introduced me 3 of their top products. 

The first is the 4 Week Body Plan... a super easy plan created by Elle and her team (including the brainy Dr Laubscher).  The challenge is posted below... whose game to try it with me!?? Better get a move on in time for Spring Racing!  

The second two products are things I can have within the 4 week challenge... The first is their version of the latest trend... green smoothies! WelleCo have a product called the The Super Elixir which is now my go-to in the morning. The Super Elixir is a green powder full of alkalising greens (the same goodies found in the super food goodies like kale, sprouts, quinoa, almonds, avocado and coconut oil). Then next product is a protein powder called Nourishing Protein. I try & eat healthy all of the time... lots of fresh fruit & veg etc.. but it's good to have a substitute when you don't have the time to hit the shops or get into the kitchen. The Nourishing Protein is awesome as I can quickly whip up it up by mixing it with almond milk, rice milk or coconut water. 

 There is so much stuff you can read online about health and super foods and vitamins and fitness... the list goes on! The main points I think you need to know, & the ones I like the most is that the WelleCo range are all natural products. This means they're plant based and full of vitamins & acai. Delishhhh and means that your body can absorb them just like any other food.

 For the girls & boys who like to keep things fresh ...don't stress! WelleCo is preservative free (I definitely checked this!!). They're made to keep you healthy from the inside-out. Smile, glow & reduce the bad effects of nasty foods, fats, coffee, sugar, dairy... even stress & pollution! And don't go wasting your money of silly pills and boxes of expensive vitamins. So many of them are useless and your body deserves better!  

Anyway I am going to give the 4 week challenge a go... so if you're game ... do it with me! I dare you all! I've pasted all of the details below ... hopefully it's easy peasy :) Here goes nothing!! For more deets, follow @ellemacphersonofficial and @superelixir

The 4 Week Body Challenge!  

4 weeks to go

No carbs after 5pm

Take THE SUPER ELIXIR Alkalising Greens with 500ml of water every day

Make sure you get at least 2L of filtered water every day

3 weeks to go

Build on the above tips

+ replace one meal a day with THE SUPER ELIXIR Nourishing Protein, with 400ml of cold almond milk and 1-2 fruits as a super delicious smoothie.

 2 weeks to go

Build on the above

+ add cayenne pepper to at least one meal a day. It will boost metabolism and create a thermogenic effect, which helps burn calories.

1 week to go

Build on the above

+ cut all sugar, dairy and starchy carbs and increase intake of green vegetables. 

 Good luck dudes, 

EK xxxx