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its COOL to be kind... x

The Family!  

The Family!  

Working in this business has given me a thick skin! You have to solider through the harsh comments & negativity because the reality is, the POSITIVE parts of this industry are far greater!! Never ever let anyone feel as though you are less than they are because you are not. It is cool to be kind ... Enjoy yourselves, love your friends and don't take anything too seriously! 

Things that I tell myself everyday... 

1 Make a negitive into a positive. There is always a silver lining! 

2 Make yourself feel good everyday. You don't have to go out & spend a fortune on a new dress.... go for a walk or do something nice for someone else! "Feel Good" vibes are easy to create when you see other people smiling!  

3 Stop comparing yourself to others. YOU are special because you're different to everyone else, so own it! 

4 Be the best person you can be. 

5 Always be kind and respectful to EVERYONE. You never know who they are and what they do. And people talk... so make sure they only have amazing things to say about you! 

6 Become more aware of the bad things you might be accidentally doing to your mind & body and become more aware of how we can make our actions better ... Our body is our temple ! It has to last us a 100 healthy years... so treat it with LOVE! 

7 Surround yourself with positive people. People who respect you & love you for who you are. Politely ignore anyone else who gets in the way of your happiness... it's not worth the energy!

In summary ... being kind to everyone around you & make other peoples day brighter! A compliment, a phone call ... a simple text! Doesn't take much to put a smile on someones face! 

E xxx