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The Evrryday Cardi is here!!

I'm excited to share the next edition to the Evrryday range with you all...  The Evrryday Cardi! 

The Evrryday Cardi is designed to be thrown on over your bathers at the beach, paired with your Evrryday shorts & a cute cami for brunching with your gals... I even plan to use mine as a towel & a picnic rug! Summer fashion should be about mimalism... you only need the bare essentials. My cardi, bikinis & a surfboard is everything I plan on needing..& course Josh & Isla ;) 

My favourite thing about summer is feeling more natural everyday. Waking up with salty hair & clean skin...Bliss!! Give yourself a rest and try to rely on minimal hair and minimal makeup ... your natural beauty should shine. Summer should be about spending time with the people you love outside in warm, fresh air. Finding new places, exploring the seaside, rolling around on the grass and playing in the sunshine. Feel free, feel dreamy, feel nothing but happiness in your own skin. 

If not for you, the Cardi could be the perfect pressy for a sister, a friend or maybe just someone special who you feel like spoiling! 

I can't wait to be sharing summer with you all! Don't forget to slip, slop slap & drink plenty of water! Be good to your skin & your bodies everyone!

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the silly season! Not long now till the New Year... any suggestions for a New Years resolution? Hit me up if so! 

EK xx

PS ... if you do buy an Evrryday Cardi, remember to tag me on the gram @elyseknowlzy or @evrry.day It makes my day to see all of your smiling faces!