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My trip Bora Bora with Billabong!

Off to Bora Bora I went to shoot with the Billabong crew!!! I’ll wrap the location shoot up for you in a nutshell… it was a blast

The Trip… It took a while to get there… Luckily Air NZ provided a very comfy trip! Melbz to New Zealand … then to Papetee & then finally the last leg was to the beautiful Bora Bora! This last flight was epic... about 1.5 hours over tropical islands and crystal blue waters… then we landed in paradise.

Team Billabong … Here I met the Billabong crew… the ultimate crew! We are like a big happy family!  The team was made up of the awesome photographer Steve Baccon, his assistant Dan Hilburn, makeup artist Ashlea Penafold, videographer Mike Calvino & the legends from Billabong HQ …Steph and Fleur. Oh and the bombshell Rocky Barns!

The Days …We woke up at 4.30 every morning and finished at 6.30 pm. Despite the long days it didn't feel like work! Bora Bora is magic!! Spending full days taking shots & mucking around was pretty sweet.  

Living… Rocky & I shared a room … we were amazed to open our blinds everyday & find we were on top of the water. Pretty cool! Everywhere you looked is was picture perfect… the scenery & landscapes are just incredible. 

Best Moment…  one of the standout parts of the trip was swimming with the sharks! I hate fish… but when we drove over to the shark-infested area & the locals jumped in and started fearlessly swimming with these giant scary sharks … I knew I had to give it a shot! Moments later … I was swimming 6m deep with a beautiful, calm 4m shark ! I'm definitely proud of myself for this one. Tick tick!!

Best Food… One of the yummiest meals in Bora Bora was the Mai Mai fish. I lived off this nearly every meal :)

To wrap up… I had a ball! Loved working with Billabong & adored the Bora Bora location … I’m a lucky girl!

Elyse xxx