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Indo... Part 2!

Part 2 …  

… & so from Nusa Lembongan we travelled to Lombok!

It was nice seeing another side to Indonesia and not just hectic Bali. No resorts, just home stays and little local Warungs thriving for your attendance. 

Kuta Lombok can be a little dodgy, so taking only $5-10 with you on a scooter is a good idea otherwise the criminals/ mafia could stop you and steal everything … and I mean everything (this only happens occasionally but better to be safe than sorry!!).  

A couple were travelling between Awang and Gerupuk a few days before we arrived & had everything stolen from them! Their phones, wallets, valuables, camera, scooter. Not only that, the guy was slashed on his back and her hands by a machete. So yes it can be dangerous! Just don't be silly and abide their rules. 

Anyway moving on! Everywhere we stayed on this trip we paid between $20-35 bucks a night. We did it cheap but there as there was no need for fancy resorts when you can sit around any pool & buy a drink!

Then off we went to Gili Trwangan which was beautiful & relaxing … mainly because Josh couldn't surf and we had some quality time! Yayyyy no hunting for waves 24/7!! Hehe I planed this part :)

Overall … it was an awesome trip! Another word of warning… pack some gastro stop when you travel to Indonesia or especially around Bali. I was exploding from both ends for 4 days (so lovely!)  

Number One Tip: Don't just stay in Bali! There are so many other beautiful places throughout Indonesia that rely solely on our tourism so without us they go hungry! Go explore & get out of your comport zone.

 Until next time, Peace out x