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Fitness is the key to a healthy mind for me. If I don’t workout I tend to get a little down …mostly because I know I could’ve easily made a little more effort.

Effort and consistency is the key! It shouldn’t matter how busy you are as everyone should learn to make time for a run or a walk around the block at least! We owe it to our bodies, our futures… and our friends and family! Staying fit & healthy affects more people than you!

Here are some of the main exercises I try & squeeze in during the week!  

Google the above to find the perfect place in your area.

1.     Warm Up

To begin any sort of cardio workout I usually do a lap around the oval or the beach, 40 squats, 50 lunges and 100 sit-ups. This makes sure my body is pumped for my session & it lowers to the risk of injury. 

2.     High Heart Rate Activities

2 x 8 minute sessions with 2-minute break in-between 

My favourite new high heart rate workout is the following…

I measure out either 60m, 75m and 100m in distance at the local park. Just use a cone, a piece of clothing or the dog lead to mark the distance… anything will do!

I start at 60meters & then as I progress I move to 75metres or 100metres.  

Wait at the end for 15 seconds & then sprint to the other end again in 15 seconds

Continue this for 8 minutes

 Break for 2mins

Then repeat!

You can do this for SURE!! You will be smashed but there is no better feeling! I do this workout every 2nd day. It was hard at the start but over time I can definitely feel my body getting strong & faster! Time, commitment and determination does wonders! 

3.     More Cardio!

If I need even more of a quick heart rate workout, I grab the skipping rope! This is hard work & requires full concentration but it burns … which is good!

            Skip for 10 minutes at a time

            Break for two minutes

            Skip for another 10 minutes 

(Note: You’ll need some pumping tunes for this one!! Fast music is the key!)

4.     Low Key

Sometimes it’s nice to do a little more of a relaxed workout. For these days I take my dog for an hours walk. If I am time poor, I try and take her outside for at least 20mins. The key here… get up earlier…& walk faster! There is ALWAYS a way! Don’t let your head tell you otherwise.

5.     Mix It Up!

During the summer, I try and stay active in as many ways as possible. Even if I am camping up the Murray River, I get up go for a ski every single morning. This is FUN and it’s great to activate a whole bunch of different muscles. By the end of it my legs & arms … and tummy are burning!!

You can keep fit & active in so many different ways! You don’t need an expensive gym memberships, the latest designer gear or a personal trainer! The only thing worth the investment is good trainers. Make sure to protect your ankles, knees & your back at all times.

The trick for me is to change it up every single day. Not only does the change keep me interested, but it also challenges by body. I don’t allow myself to become too accustomed to one workout. Our minds & bodies are smarter than we give them credit for! So keep challenging yourself … and KEEP MOTIVATED!!

A new post will be up soon with some healthy eating tips and I'm now popping some workout tips on Snapchat (find me at elyseknowlzy), so be sure to follow for future tips! 

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas & NYE break!

EK xxx