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be BRAVE & STRONG in 2016!

Photo Above was created with an epic team including... George FaviosFoxy Zingaro & Ash Penfold

One thing I want to do more of this year is take the time to reflect on what's happened! Life goes SO fast so I want to make it a priority to just stand still for a second every now & then to think about all of the awesome people I've met, the challenges I've faced, the accomplishments...everything!  I'll start off with the best achievements of 2015 in another post (coming soon). 

I'm going to start setting lots of goals... both short term & long term.  Hopefully you might be able to share some of these goals with me! This year is all about being a STRONG women ... sticking to my guns! Hope you do the same! 


Now to some short term goals for the year!  I've actually started to write little lists of things I want to do. When things are written down on paper, I feel like they are set in stone!! My competitive streak comes out & I won't stop until I can genuinely cross it off the list (no cheating allowed!!) 

My list so far... 

1. Don't compare myself to others  

2. Always have a smile on my dile. When I'm down, I want to focus on how lucky I am! That should be enough to kick start any bad moods! 

3. Exercise everyday. Even if it's a brisk walk

4. Drink more water ... Don't underestimate how GOOD this is for your body! Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it helps to flush out toxins!

5. Take my vitamins everyday. Taking care of yourself from the inside out is key. 

6. Take the time to keep doing the activities I've loved since being a kid.. the things that make me, me! I never want to lose my tomboy side as that's who I really am at the end of the day. Activities like skateboarding, wakeboarding, skiing , snow boarding , motor bike riding and surfing ... make me the HAPPIEST girl in the world!! I'm trying to Snapchat this stuff as much as possible... find me at elyseknowlzy if you want to keep track :) 


And finally, I also want to create some long term goals...some BIG things which might take longer to achieve BUT they're not impossible (far far from!!)! The list so far looks like this... 

1. Move to Sydney

2. Give back to charity. Working with WaterAid Australia (via my label Evrryday) was an amazing feeling so I'd love to do way more charity in the years to come. There are so many people who struggle daily, so anyway I can help - I want to! 

3. Plan a big trip overseas ... or at least book in more holidays. See more of this BIG world! 

4. Renovate another house :) 

5. Have more time to spend with my family. This is the MAIN one!! 

6. Land an ambassador role for a major Aussie label  ... or even better, a department store!

7. ... my final goal for now is to be selective in the work that I take on! I want to commit my time to the labels & brands who reflect who I am in terms of my personality. 


Anyway, hope you guys can follow suit & create some awesome goals for your year.