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Strong is the NEW skinny!

There is something incredibly appealing about looking at women who are fit, healthy and strong!! Compared to women who are far too skinny, tired & malnourished. You can spot health a mile a way. It is a BEAUTIFUL quality ... & absolutely everybody can achieve it and maintain it. BUT like everything else, it takes time, effort and a bit of sacrificing!  

The first step is being able to self motivate. Don't roll out of bed feeling tired & blah ... Set your alarm & jump out of bed before your mind kicks in & tells you to sleep in! Having an epic workout gear lying by my bed is a great incentive. Find some work out gear that suits you and your body & makes you feel comfortable. Lorna Jane (@lornajaneactive) is always my first choice ! Always will be and always has been!

Support is the key for me & for so many other women. I need a good sports bra that is tight yet allows me to breath easily. Nothing should interfere with your ability to breath, so if it's too tight...get rid of it! A sports bra must be comfortable throughout your entire training session. Whether it's running, boxing, circuit, yoga... anything! 

Colour is always super important! A pop of colour in my active gear gets me going! You feel amazing when you put heels on before an event... you should feel the exact same way when you step into the gym or onto the footpath, like a million bucks! It'll wake you up in the morning & make you feel energetic & alive. 

So onto some work out tips. The fun part! 

Lately I have loved going to 9 rounds in Brunswick @9round_brunswick

It's a fast 30 minute kickboxing circuit that burns 500 calories or more in one session. I've fallen in love with kicking the sh** out of things ;) It's an amazing workout... you'll be sore!! But when you're sore it means your muscles have been challenged! Which is a GREAT thing.

Rocking up to a gym prepared is good always etiquette. Try to bring your own towel, a mat, & water bottle. These things will make you feel more comfortable! Plus it's so important to keep public work out areas clean for everybody else! For some workout accessories, check out the Lorna Jane range

The boxing circuit works my whole body. All muscles are tense and activated the whole time. Its tough but you have to keep going through the pain. It's all mind over matter! You are far more capable that you think, so just keep going! Obviously your whole body is activated while your boxing, so an epic pair of tights or shorts is needed. Click here for some great styles. 

Below is another little workout I do while I'm at the gym. Short & sweet and epic! 

Every station is 3 minutes ... & I always warm up with a 3 minute skip. Warming up is just as important as stretching. It helps to prevent injury, so make sure you don't forget about it. 

I mix the stations up between the below list. Mixing up your daily workout if HUGLEY important! If you do the same thing everyday, your muscles will stop working as hard as the workout will become easier and repetitive. Change it up as much as you can! Keep your muscles & mind guessing! 

So the options are (keep scrolling down to see a video of me doing all of this!) 

  • 2 x jumping squats and 8 straight punches on the bag 
  • Freestyle on the punching bags (just punch, punch, punch, punch for 3mins straight. OUCH!)
  • 2 rounded kicks each side and then 8 body punches 
  • 2 x burpees followed by 20 uppercuts 
  • 4 x straight kicks and then 8 high knees on the low bag 
  • To get the abs working, include rounds of 3mins of sit-ups, 3 minutes of planking (middle, side & side)
  • After a few stations, get back into some cardio with another round of 3 minutes of skipping. You should be red in the face by now!  
  • Finish off with some leg work ... do a few rounds of lunges & squats. Make sure you feel a burn, if you don't ... get lower!! 

Keeping your heart rate high is essential. I usually wear a mizone monitor so I calculate how hard I am working. Remember to push yourself as hard as you can!! The hit of endorphins that will follow will be well worth it!! 

For more workout tips, nutrition tips and recipes & some AMAZING activewear, Lorna Jane at Westfield.com.au is your go-to! To celebrate Westfield Beauty Weekend on 15 – 16 October, Selected Lorna Jane stores across all Westfield centres in Australia will host a range exercise and yoga classes to promote active living. Join the conversation by posting a shot of you in your Lorna Jane gear with the hashtag #thisisactiveliving and #jointhefrontline

EK xxx