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Women's Fitness's & a touch of Billabong!

Women's Health December Cover! Enjoy the exert from the new issue of Women's Fitness!! I had an amazing time in Byron... big thanks to the amazing team at WF, Billabong AUS for their awesome summer gear & of course the creatives, Photographer Dave Wheeler, Stylist Jess Pecoraro & H&MU Katie Angus. EK xxx

TRAVELS WITH ELYSE!! Melbourne based model Elyse Knowles joined our crew in sunny Byron Bay NSW. To star on this months cover. And she's a girl who knows how to travel ... Thanks to the amazing team...Keep scrolling down for behind the scenes photos & video + pictures from the magazine! 

How often are you jet setting? 

At this time of year it definitely peaks , as everyone is shooting their last minute campaigns before Christmas, this time of year I am on a plane every week. But during the year it can flatter out. 

You've got us tired just thinking about it..

It is exhausting, I got into Byron at 1.30 am and had been working the hole day before. Luck we had the morning off on this shoot ! It's exhausting , but I always make sure that I have time out for myself and get enough sleep. It's about having a good balance, but I tell you it is hard when they give you your schedule and you've just got to go , and do what they tell you. You have to psyche yourself up for it. But when you are in a sunny hot place everything is so much easier, I'm so happy right now because I am warm and I'm having so much fun.

Do you enjoy your travel ? 

I do especially when I come to laces like this. You can't get better than Byron. My partner used to live here so I know it well; we come up for vacation more than once a year

You got up and went for a run before this shoot, is that something that you usually do ?

Yeah I like to start my day active, it starts me off on a good roll, once I have done my exercise for the day , I'll eat healthy and drink lots of water. If I don't start off right, it trickles on throughout the day.

You are pretty active and adventurous when you travel... 

I am a bit adventurous. I like to do anything I possibly can. My motto is ; 'if a boy can do it, I can do it ' I'll give anything a crack. I might fail at a few things but I'll give it a good shot. I've got my own motor bike and we've got a wake board boat at home so we go camping and go wake boarding, surfing, skiing, skateboarding - anything really. I love it . I love getting out into nature switching off my phone is my favourite thing in the world 

You switch off Instagram and Snapchat ?

 Sometimes I do need to switch off or I go a bit loopy !! Some weekends we go up to the bush ( to Wye river on the Victorian Great Ocean Road ) and roll out the swag with our friends and put a fire on and cook a barbie. Then we all go surfing in the morning, this is the best kind of holiday. 

What's the craziest adventure you've ever had? 

In Bora Bora I got to swim with a 6 metre shark, like holding onto its Fin! The local guy who was swimming strung with it, He took my hand and took me down to where the Sharknado I swam with it. I was pretty proud of myself because I don't even like fish!!! 

What are your can't-go-without items?

 I defiantly time my runners everywhere, even though they are very big to get in your carry on luggage. I'll also get an old drink bottle and put some apple cider vinegar in it. I take hat every morning- it keeps my digestive system going when I'm travelling, especially if I have just been on planes the whole time. Fennel tea is also another item I will bring with me, it settles everything in your tummy.

Hot beauty trips for travel? 

I don't travel with makeup on. Your skin is sucking up anything it can get because it is wanting moisture, and everything is sucked out of the air when you fly. I make sure I take a hydrating mist spray, a thick moisturiser and a nourishing lip balm to keep everything hydrated 

5 things to do in Byron? 

Surf. Lie on the beach . There is healthy food everywhere you go! Top shop is great for a yummy juice or an Acai bowl. I love that about Byron because when you go on holidays you usually never know what your going to get !! 

The magazine! 

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