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Empire Ave Interview! Fashion tips, hangover cures & my best advice!

l always love to shoot with my mate Higgsy! Especially when its out in the Palm Springs desert. Drinking coke (or at least pretending to ;)), relaxing poolside and enjoying the views… bliss! My Interview here & the full article can be read here... Fashion details below... Enjoy! xx 

Who is Elyse Knowles?

I like to think she is a girl who is down-to-earth, a quiet hard worker and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty!

You’re set up in LA for the moment, correct?

Yes I've been living here for 6 weeks!

What’s the best/worst thing about the city?

It's a love hate relationship. LA is an awesome city for networking and making dreams become realities, while on the other hand it can be dirty, busy and crowded. You just can’t beat Australia for me!

And whereabouts did you call home growing up?

Melbourne has always been home for me, and when I’m not there I am in Sydney.

As a newcomer, of sorts, to LA what’s the best things or must do’s you’d share with a fellow new LA’er?

There are so many things to do here if you have never been before! I always say head down to Venice beach to check out the muscle beach, skate park and the eccentric people that make LA unique! Then it’s off to see the Hollywood sign, followed by some time at the Farmers Market in Fairfax! For someone who has travelled to LA before, I say to check out all of the new workout destinations because they will blow your mind with how cool they are. Also, food is always a biggie on my agenda so go healthy food hunting, you won’t be disappointed! 

What’s generally the first thing you do when you roll up in a new joint?

I always like to make sure my place is near everything I need. If I can walk to my gym, supermarket and a smoothie bar - I walk everywhere! Yesterday I walked 17,500 steps and did two workouts on top of that, proud moment! 

Nightlife in LA is amazing, w/many choices of bars and clubs. You’re out for the night w/friends. What’s the drink of choice? Location of choice? Tunes you’re dancing to? 

I don’t go out a lot, but when I do it’s usually to see friends over dinner and drinks and when I drink it's usually vodka. I went to the restaurant Catch the other night with friends, and have never seen so many celebs in my life… This place is a must if you can beat the challenge of getting a table! Old school bangers are always my go-to choice of music to have a boogie to. 

And you got a hangover remedy for the next day?

I definitely recommend exercise to walk it off! Spend your time filled with activities and things to do to keep your mind off it! 

Fashion quickly, seeing you work in fashion. 

Fashion trend you grew up loving: I’m a tomboy at heart, always in a backwards cap, shorts and rocker tee.

Fashion trend you hate: Wannabe hippies.

Fashion trend you think is coming: Serious 70's vibes - it's already here, it’s just getting the confidence to rock it!

Fashion designer you love: sass and bide, Toni Maticevski- support the Aussie designers all the way!

 3 fashion tips for guys?

Get out of the safe option of black and white, play with different colours textures, always be comfortable. 

Who is the most stylish man in the world right now? Why?

My man back home in Australia, Joshy. I like nothing better than coming home to my long haired, tanned, surfy dude! 

You’ve been modelling for a minute, what’s been the biggest highlight from it all so far? 

Perhaps a little longer than a minute... I started when I was 10! It's been a hard yard getting to where I am today. Every day is a blessing. I'm so proud that I have accomplished being the face of both Ulta 3 cosmetics and Emu Australia at the moment, alongside The Rolex Australian Grand Prix and The Caulfield Cup Carnival. The travelling is always a highlight too! 

And the biggest learning from it all?

Dealing with powerful personalities, never back down on who you are. 

What are the top 3 brands you would love to work for and why :

To model for Victoria’s Secret is a lifelong dream, I have always wanted to be on billboards and images with the Guess logo beside me and I would also love to be the face of a major department store in Australia. 

Who do you look up to (or, are your heroes) - in and out of the modelling world?

Miranda Kerr, Elle Macpherson, Jennifer Hawkins and Gigi Hadid are all inspiringly beautiful inside and out!

Outside of modelling, what’s keeping you occupied?

Making time for my family and friends and hanging out with my boyfriend whom I am endlessly doing endless fun activities with. Isla my dog is like my baby - she needs running once or twice a day and full on attention! I have a website that I constantly update and also my own fashion label Evrryday which means I am always busy!

First thing that comes to mind when someone asks about Traveling? 

The awful thought of leaving my boyfriend and dog at home!

 Where have you travelled so far?

All over the US, Hong Kong, China, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bora Bora, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Fiji, Indonesia, among many others.  

Favourite place you’ve been so far??

Tahiti by far!

Best thing about traveling?

Experiencing the culture of where you are travelling, taking in all of the beautiful moments and scenery.

What cities inspire you?

I really love Sydney, but LA and NY are also top of the list.

When flying, what are your Carry-On essentials? and flying routine?

Water, healthy food, head phones, moisturiser, lip balm and a jumper 

Best travel tips to share?

Take a scarf that can double as a pillow!

I need to get fit for summer, what’s some tips you’d give me to help get a kick start a new healthy program for -  

Food? Everything in moderation. Always fresh produce and nothing processed.

Exercise? Get moving every day. Doesn't matter how big or small. 

Mind? Think positive. Eliminate anything that makes you unhappy. 

 What’s on for the rest of this week? this month? this year?

I have two more days of work in the US, then I'm off to Hawaii for work and followed by a bit of vacation! 

Best place everyone can keep up to speed with your movements?

Snapchat : ElyseKnowlzy Instagram: Elyseknowlzy. Websitewww.elyseknowles.com.au

What do you listen to while you work?


What are you currently reading?

I’m so busy, unfortunately I’m not reading anything at the moment!

The best advice you’ve ever recv’d? 

Stay true to yourself, never change for anyone. Eliminate the things in your life that make you unhappy.

Talent Credits
Photography - David Higgs @higgsy7

Brand Credits
Swimwear - CocoJane @cocojaneswimwear
Denim - Nana Judy @nanajudy_
Sunnies - Pared @paredeyewear
Lingerie - Sass and Bide @sassandbide