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Smart Denim

I don't know about you...but denim makes up about 60% of my wardrobe. Shorts, jeans, jackets... all year round! Finding a good pair of jeans is neverrrrr easy! How many pairs of jeans do you try on before buying a pair? For me... it's millions!!!!!!

I've been doing lots of fun things with GUESS lately...and learning all about their denim. There is so much to know! WAY more that you would think!! GUESS are about to launch a whole new type of denim... pretty cool! It's called #SmartDenim. The idea of the #SmartDemim is to make girls feel good by creating a style that suits all different shapes & sizes! This new range is a whole new technology. Smart cookies! 

Their new denim comes out officially in Autumn but lucky me got to get in early & give them a trial run. So here we go... a little wrap up of the The Push Up and The Shape Up!

First of all, you can definitely say goodbye to your nanna undies that plump your bum up :) Now you can just slip into a pair of good old jeans & call it a day :)

The Push Up denim is designed to feel like a second skin. No lie! They glide on super easy & they are not so tight that you have to undo a button as soon as you have a sip of water! Dream!! GUESS are all about celebrating comfort...& they're doing a killer job! 

The thing that got me hooked with the Push Up jeans is that they're designed to suit loads of  different lifestyles. You've all seen what I get up to on the weekends. Skating, riding, building my house, running a muck with Isla & Josh... camping at the river in the mud !! I am always on the move so the Push Up jeans are perfect because they let me move around freely ... and in comfort! 

I was also lucky enough to get my hands on a pair of their Shape Up jeans. This pair is perfect for dressing up for events! As summer is on the out... I am prepping my wardrobe for the winter chill! Jeans are always key but these new Shape Up jeans are going to became an essential to my winter wardrobe...especially when I travel. 

They manage to keep my legs looking long and lean but they don't suck my hips & bum in. I like my curves ... they make me feel sexy & womanly! Plus you should never go hiding what you have!! Make your curves stand out instead :) The Shape Up jeans amazing. Say goodbye to bulking seams...and hello to a seamless look!

Get shopping here and make sure to snap a cute pic of yourself & tag GUESS so they can see you :) @GUESS  #LoveGuess #SMARTGUESS  

EK x