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morning tips! Food & energy!

Mornings are my favourite time of day. It's quiet & calm and if you can get up that little bit earlier, you have time to properly prepare yourself for the day. It's my time to get active and eat well! 

Some say that your body is a result of genetics but I say that it's a result of HARD WORK! Of course we all inherit some of our assets from our parents ... but for the most part it's up to us to continuously work hard to keep our bodies in a healthy & toned condition. 

My motto is 'work hard, play hard." Cliche maybe, but it's the truth! 

I feel strong & on my game if I'm in tip top condition. I absolutely love waking up after a solid gym session the day before & feeling sore and tense! It not only means that I'm working my muscles but it also means that I'm pushing my limits & strengthening my fitness and endurance.

I also love the feeling of eating fresh and heathy food in proportion (i.e. not under or overeating)! Eating the right food & the right amounts of food makes my skin glow & my mind glow! Never let yourself starve. Your workouts will become far less intense, your mood with spiral down & the day will feel long & strenuous. Yuck.

Remember! It's not all about exercise. Your body & mindset is equally about food...  carefully choosing what we put into our mouths is vital. I know we have all heard it so many times... but A) we are what we eat and B) we must FUEL our body with food. There is simply no other way. 

So my mornings! Breakfast to me is the most important meal! I have to start the day right otherwise I'm left feeling sluggish and tired. This is good for my clients, Josh & Isla... and my own sanity! So after a morning session of a high intensity workout, I come home to make a healthy smoothie bowl.

My 2 favourite bowls include the following:

(Before you read on...NOTE: You don't have to go out and buy millions of protein/nutrient/boost powders and additives. Sure, some of them are absolutely amazing but they're not always essential & they can be relatively expensive... So below are some tips to start you off :))


Chocolate Bowl: Who would I of thought chocolate for the morning?! 


- 1 frozen banana (if you can get to the markets on a weekend and buy a big bag of bananas, that's probably the cheapest and most efficient way to make sure your freezer remains stocked with goodies!) 

- 1/4 cup of almond milk (you can buy this cheaply at Coles & Woolies...don't get too sucked in by fancy brands!) 

- 1 x tablespoon of Super Elixir

- 1 teaspoon of cocoa 

- 1/2 cup crushed ice 

- 1 x teaspoon of honey IF you need it to be a little bit sweeter 

- 1 x tablespoon of RAW Slim and Tone Protein 


Chocolate-ly Smoothie Bowl! 

Chocolate-ly Smoothie Bowl! 


Purple Bowl: Nothing like a splash of colour to kick start your day! 

- 1 frozen banana

- 1/4 cup of almond milk

- 1 x tablespoon of Super Elixir

- 1 teaspoon of acai

- 1/2 cup crushed ice 

- 1 x teaspoon of honey IF you need it to be a little bit sweeter

- 1 x tablespoon of RAW Slim and Tone Protein 

Purple Smoothie Bowl!


- 1 table spoon vital greens or Super Elixir by WelleCo Have a look at the pics below to see what I tend to use... the vital greens is the most important! 

I also have a wide variety of AMAZONIA RAW powders. I tend to mix it up each day but here is a list of the powders I use of rotation: Energy, Pre-Probiotics, Multi Vitamin, Vitamin C & Immune. 

In my chocolate smoothie I like to sometimes add MESQUITE Powder as it gives it a yummy caramel flavour and it is high in protein, calcium and magnesium.  


- Seeded mix (adds some fibre & an extra crunch!) )  I use NAKED BLEND. It consists of 9 seeds and grains, great for your fibre intake.

- Hemp seeds ( optional but hemp is rich in essential fatty acids which can help to sustain energy levels ) 

The above are great because I like my bowl to be thick and crunchy so it feels like a well rounded meal. Almonds are always good for an extra crunch. 

Good luck with your smoothie bowls!! And remember that

1. ALL of the above ingredients (apart from some of the powders etc) can be found from Coles & Woolies. Don't spend a fortune on pretty packaging. Whats on the inside is all that counts!

2. A teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in some water & a few essential vitamins are also great to get in the habit of taking. Apple Cider Vinegar gets the digestive system going & vitamins help to protect your general wellbeing & immunity. 


EK xx