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Hair Care

Protecting your locks after the beach, the sun and all of those curlers & straighteners!

My hair gets damaged A LOT from work! It gets curled, straightened and then curled again... all in one day ! 

It's very important that I take really good care of it, so it remains healthy and strong for every client. Below are some of the key products that I use to maintain healthy hair... 

SP Shampoo & Conditioner  - great products for weekly hair washes! 

Miracle Hair Treatment by ELEVEN. I use this after every hair wash. I put it through the ends of my hair when it's still wet & then let my hair dry off naturally. Keeps the ends from spitting! 

- At least once a week or once a fortnight, I use one of the below overnight treatments. I apply it to my hair & then keep it in overnight (i.e. I sleep in it) so that the nutrients has a decent amount of time to sink in! In the morning I wash it all out before leaving the house... silky smooth! 

The treatments I prefer are... Coconut Oil or Olaplex

The most important thing that I've learnt over the years is to get regular trims. You may feel like your hair is never growing but it is! It's growing & thickening everyday but when the ends are damaged, they snap off! So it's important to make sure you get rid of them by having regular trims & ensure you promote growth! ... Especially if you are lightening or colouring your hair. No one likes thin and whispery ends! Thick & luscious hair is the way to go! My go to man is Joey Scandizzo in South Yarra, Melbourne. He is amazing & always sorts me out! 

And finally, an amazing product I use to help my hair from the inside is Proplenish. Proplenish is a supplement. It keeps my hair thick & shiny... while also helping my nails & my skin. I am always a little skeptical about spending too much money on these kinds of things, but this one is a goodie. Just gives my inner health a boost! 

Proplenish is a collagen that I add to my water during the day.  It tastes like lemon, fresh & super easy to add to my daily routine. 

I highly recommend getting onto this one!! 

Pics below !