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My Date with Kate...

I recently had the pleasure of sitting with Kate Waterhouse at Skybar, Crown Metropol & having a good old girly chat! Kate asked me some challenging questions...a few that really got me thinking! Some of the scoop is below... or the full article can be seen here :) 

Photo by Chris Hopkin 

What’s a day in the life of you? 

Everyday is different with modelling. But I’m up at 4.30 in the morning to train with my boyfriend at the gym. It’s a good way to start the day together. Then I walk the dog and after that I’m straight into the shower and off to work in Melbourne or on a plane to Sydney.

How did you get your big break into modelling?

I don’t know. Everyone asks this question! I’ve been doing it since I was 10 years old. So it has been a long process and I was always waiting for that “break”. I was like, “When am I going to have my time?” I went through points where I felt like I was going to give up. But then Mum would go, “No, keep going.” I think, you have to get that first big job, where it gets your face out there. And for me it was when I was 14 when I got my first JJ’s campaign, and then it has just trickled on.

What’s your biggest career achievement so far?

Doing the current Chadstone autumn/winter campaign – that has been amazing, especially being on all the [Melbourne] freeway billboards and my face being plastered over the whole shopping centre. Another big achievement I think was I went to Hong Kong when I was 15 and I lived there by myself for four months. To be able to do that when I was so young, I learnt so many things. I also did six months in the US and I did really well there, but now my main goal is just to dominate in Australia. I’m a true Aussie girl. I love the beach and our culture and our cities. So now I’d rather be in Australia, doing the job I love here.

What’s your biggest goal?

To be an ambassador for a big department store. I would love to be the face of an iconic Australian store.

What are your boundaries? 

Basically, my love life. I don’t like to put that on … [her boyfriend] is not a fan of social media. He gets I have to do it and he supports that, but if he doesn’t have to be in it, he’s so happy. He would rather go for a surf or something.

How would you describe yourself? 

I don’t know – I think people would say I’m pretty laid back. But I think people can see that [in social media]. I’m laid back and I can be a tomboy or I can just be chilling in some shorts and a singlet on a weekend, and not dressing up the whole time. I like to prove to people that I’m not just a pretty face or a model.

Is there anything you would change about yourself?

I have a pretty fat head [laughs] and my hips basically are one of the things I don’t like. If you work hard though, they do go down. You can always change those things.

You like to skate, surfboard and motorbike. Where did these talents come from?

My family has always been into water sports. We’ve always had a speedboat and a wakeboard boat. And my boyfriend is a surfer, so he got me into that. We’ve always had motorbikes as a kid and we’ve got a block of land we go up to and just run around and play in the mud. As busy as you get, I always make the time to be able to do those activities because it’s family time. Plus, I like getting back to the real me, like doing the activities and playing and camping in the dirt.

Tell me about your fashion label. 

I sell my label, Evrryday, on my blog. I design garments that I love such as casual denims, crochet and fashionable basics. We also donate 10 per cent to WaterAid.

Why is WaterAid important to you?

It’s such a great cause and I like to help others by supporting them to live a sustainable lifestyle with clean water and sanitation.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? 

I would like to be living in Sydney, on the beach. We plan to move there after we finish renovating our house in Melbourne. For the FULL ARTICLE, click here!  

EK x