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Chadstone AW Runway ... Stylo:files !

I hope you are all getting involved in VAMFF this year!! For your fashion girls, you'd be in your element! If you haven't already made it to a show however, come down tonight to watch the AW Chadstone Runway. There are SO many amazing pieces lined up to walk down the runway!! I can't wait. 

It's not everyday that the iconic Chadstone shopping center asks you to feature in The Fashion Capital’s Campaign, so I am over the moon to be a big part of it for AW16! I've done my fair share of shopping over the years but Chaddys has always been the ultimate go-to in my hometown Melbourne, so I can't wait for the runway tonight!

As well as the runway show this year, the clever & creative cookies at Chaddys HQ have designed a campaign to showcase & excite all different types of shoppers. The idea is to help every individual women find her unique style. The campaign is called the Stylo:fIles & it'll come to life tonight! If you can't make the show though, keep your eye out as Stylo;files will be rolled out in Chadstone's editorial magazine (pics below) & their social media channels (make sure to follow them on Instagram @chadstone_capital). As they have explained themselves the Styleo:files  "taps into five fundamental styles and examines what makes fashion lovers tick..." 

The five styles include the following... and I've been given the role of rep'ing The Seeker!

  • The Spotter – Curators of style who see what others miss 

  • The Sculptor – Visionaries who translate ideas into different realms 

  • The Selector – Big picture thinkers who separate the good from the not so good

  • The Supporter – Facilitators of style who collaborate on the creative process

  • And The Seeker (this is me!) – Creatures of diversity who make new trends look effortless

Which ever category you fall into, there will be PLENTY of fashion and style advice at your fingertips!! Hope to see you at the 7pm show tonight! If you can't make it though, you can tune in online! Click here for more details :) 

EK xxx

Josh & I !