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For anyone who follows me on social media, it should be fairly easy to notice how much I am in Sydney and how much I love it!!! I thought I would share some of my favourite aspects on what i think is one of the most special cities!! The photography in this post highlight the AMAZING seaside ... thanks to Emily Abay (photographer) makeup by Katie Angus & bikinis by Perfect Peach


My Top 5 places to eat in Sydney!

1.    Wholefoods House. Yummy & healthy treats on the run! You can grab & go or sit down to eat in their café…

2.    Porch and Parlour. The best healthy breakfast in Bondi going round!!

3.    The Bucket List is always another ripper place in Bondi for a casual drink. You can sit & watch the sunset too … heaven.

4.    It’s hard to condense this list to 5…. So I am squeezing in 4 here. Culture Bean, The Grounds, Sadhanna Kitchen, Earth to Table are all great spots to eat too!! Healthy, colorful, delicious!

5.    About Life is the final favourite for my list. About Life is all about eco friendly living & it’s in the heat of Surrey Hills. I can always count on a yummy smoothie or healthy meal on the run with soon much selection!! All super raw and wholesome !


My favourite thing about Sydney, is that no matter where you are you can always find a place and a time to workout! Here is a few of the things I like to do when I’m in town.

-   I always love to find a F45 studio whenever & wherever I travel for work. During my recent trip to Sydney for MBFWA I went to the Surrey Hills studio which was amazing. There is also a studio in Bondi … you can’t hide from a F45 studio!

-   I always love getting outdoors because Sydney is absolutely beautiful! I’ll try & do the Bondi to Bronte walk with mates or a big walk along the beach. Sydney is full of sand & full of hills. Both elements of a hardcore workout!

-   If I don’t have enough time, i always make sure that i get a hotel with a gym, it can be a quick workout as the hotel gyms can be small , but still effective as you get your heart rate super high on the bike or lifting weights 


Usually when I’m in Sydney I like to stay around Bondi. It’s amazing to jump out of bed & breathe in the fresh, clean & salty air. Plus, being around hustle and bustle of the crazy Bondi Beach peeps is far too good to miss out on. I’m very lucky as I have a good mate that lives in Bondi Beach where I usually stay. Otherwise I’ll jump online & a hotel that’s close to the water.

If I need to be central I book myself into Primus Hotel Sydney! The hotel is modern & has an epic rooftop where you can bring your friends up for dinner or a wine to end the day! When the suns out you can relax by their beautiful pool and just stare up at all of the buildings & the stars. It’s AAAAMAZING !!!!!


The nature of my job is all about hustling, bustling, networking & working hard. Being social & attending events is a huge priority. While it’s fun to get all dressed up & have a champagne while being surrounded in the glitz & glamour of the city… it is also so important to continually meet people. It is all about who you know in this industry so you have to make yourself available to attend important events whenever and wherever they pop up.

When it comes to my personal life & my lifestyle… Josh and I just love to be around a beach. Josh was brought up in QLD so he thrives the sea!!! It’s his second home!  He always says to me “Babe you don’t know what you’re missing out on! We have to live on the beach. The ocean & fresh air is good for our heads, our fitness & our overall quality of life. The beachside lifestyle is the happy lifestyle."

I have to admit, Josh is CORRECT! So now we’re trying to work out if we want to move to the Northern Beaches or somewhere a little more inner-city like Coogee or Bronte. They are all such beautiful destinations in NSW!!! Let the thinking continue !! 

EK xxx