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Kill the flu before it gets you!


Winter is here and absolutely none of us have time to be getting the flu! So! Let's prevent it before it catches us! Don't be tempted by having a reason to sit on the couch with movies and a big rug!! It is NOT worth it. The city comes alive in winter... the parks are green & lush, the footy is on ... the air is fresh! Keep well so you can keep happy & social! 

Here are a few of my helpful hints to help boost your immune system. It is time to prevent coughs, runny noses, sore thoughts & headaches!  

1. Improve what you choose to put in your belly ! We have to stregthen our immune system by supporting our digestion system. Note to self:  All systems rely on each other! Probiotics are great for a strong & functioning belly along with a low sugar diet.

Staying away from sugary comfort foods during winter can be veryyyyy difficult. When it's cold its normal to crave chocolate & pastries... but it's not worth it! Swishing a bit of coconut oil in your mouth can help to reduce cravings... just remember not to swallow it. 

2. Garlic! Raw Garlic or aged garlic is magical & it helps to fight off infections!  Try adding a higher dosage of garlic when you are cooking your meals! It's so easy to add into your stir fry veggies ... & tastes delicious! 

3. Lots of sleep. Switch off your phone, iPad, laptop and TV! Find a good book or just cuddle up into your bed & shut your eyes for at least 8 hours a night . To keep healthy, you need energy!! Refuel & recharge every night with a cuddly sleep! 

4. Regular activity. If you get in the habit of getting good sleeps, you should feel like bouncing out of bed in the morning! Keeping active & fit is not only good for your body but it's essential to keep your mental state in a positive space. 

5. Stress Management. Keep on top of your workload! Plan your days & write lists. Every time you finish a task, cross it off the list & get onto the next. Try and slow down during the day. You don't have to do everything at one time ... be patient & remain sane! 

So... now some tips regarding HOW to fight off an the infection if it gets you! 

I go straight to the chemist and buy a big bottle of echinacea tablets. I do this right at the beginning... just when I am feeling a little bit off, I stock up!! Preventative health is the key. If you can catch it early, you will have a much higher chance of a) not getting sick or b) getting rid of the bug faster! 

Olive leaf extract is another amazing product that you can buy at all chemists. If you don't like the taste of it, you can also buy it in tablet form. Olive leaf fights infections & it will help to reduce symptoms... meaning you'll recover faster. You can also purchase a vitamin that has Olive leaf and echinacea all in one. This is the one I tend to buy as it's easy and effective!

Last but not least... DRINK LOTS OF WATER.

Have it warm, with lemon or apple cider vinegar... Just keep on chugging it down! Water helps to flush out antioxidant, it keeps you from becoming dehydrated (on the inside & the outside) and it keeps your digestive system in action. Water is KING!

Winter is such a beautiful time of year... so enjoy it in GOOD and HAPPY health!

Ek xxx