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The LA Desert with Higgsy

Another little story from my US trip in December! Straight off a flight from Melbourne to LA & into a car for an epic road trip with Higgsy (@higgsy7) to Palm Springs ! We shot that same afternoon for a few hours in the golden LA sunlight. Amazing. 

As soon as we wrapped up I fell asleep instantly. My head hit the pillow & I was out ... until my alarm went of at 4.30am for a sunrise shoot at Joshua Tree. I was a little sleepy but it was 100% worth it. I woke up fully when I saw the amazing setting. 

Higgsy & I shot here all day getting EPIC material. Scroll down to have a peek & click here for the full shoot. There is nothing quite like Joshua Tree as a location !!

I hope you guys love the photos as much as we do ! "Life Without Andy" recently covered it too! !! Click to read! 

The creative team for the desert shoot was ... me! I styled the shoot & did my own hair and makeup! Nothing quite like a bit of DIY ;) 

Hope you all have an awesome Christmas and NY break! 

EK xxx