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We sold our home!

We sold our home!!! Our baby has gone to a new owner & while it's sad to say goodbye we are over the moon and insanely proud of the home we've built. Below are the photos of our Coburg bungalow. You'll instantly recognise our signature designs. Heaps of natural light flooding throughout the house, an indoor outdoor living area designed for entertaining all year round & interior styling that mixes elements of boho, beachy Byron vibes & old school California! 

Over the years this house has created so many memories for Josh, Isla and I! When we purchased it, it was virtually falling apart. The floors were all on an angle, the walls were on their way out and the state of the entire thing was close to being unliveable. No joke.

We bought the house however based on potential. The land space, the aspect, the location etc ... which is something we recommend to you all. When you're looking to buy your first home whether to live in or as an investment - think long term & smart. 

Don't be too tempted by a new kitchens or nice floors & don't be put off by old bathrooms or yucky backyards. Look beyond the obvious and think long term. Just because some areas of a place might appear new & look shiny, doesn't mean the quality is tip top! On the same token just because things look old & a bit battered doesn't mean they can't be knocked down & rebuilt. If you're not a pro, it's always a good idea to take someone with experience with you while you're house hunting. Having someone knowledgeable will make the process a lot easier & less stressful for you as buying a house is a huge deal. 

It's taken us years to get this place beautiful. We had to live out the back in one room for months and months while the floors & walls were built in the main house. During Melbourne's wintery months (which are close the freezing cold!) we've had to shower in the backyard & cook in the bathroom! 

Trust me when I say it's been less than pleasant on so many occasional but the outcome is was 100% worth it.

Our advice if you're renovating or building;

  • Be patient
  • Talk to people and find the very best builders
  • Get 3 or so quotes before committing to a bit cost (plumbers, sparky's, landscapers etc) 
  • Get involved & save some bucks where you can by doing a bit of labour yourselves! Everyone is capable of doing something, even if it's just painting!
  • Invest your money into the bones of the house. You want the place to last the distance!
  • Be organised with your finances. Keep on track with your spending, have an organised filing system (invoices, quotes, receipts etc) & plan, plan plan!
  • Have fun with it. Don't let the stress, the mess or the chaos get the best of you. If you're building or renovating a home, you're a lucky duck and enjoy the process. Make some fun memories :)  

Thank you so much to all of our builders and trades for your time & help over the years + our friends and family for endless encouragement and support. Of course a huge thanks to David Wood & his team at Albert Park Hocking Stuart (@hockingstuartalbertpark) for helping us get the sale over the line & the 500 + people who rocked up on the day to watch the auction. We appreciate you all & we are so thankful!

Can't wait to do it all again! Watch this space!!

Elyse xxx