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Keeping Active Makes Me Feel Empowered

Elyse Knowles Seafolly 2017

The one question everyone seems to ask is: What's the best way to get summer ready? And in most cases, people are referring to their bodies - which is great because it's important to be healthy but what's also important is to have a super strong mind. Without that you can pretty much say "toodles!" to the dream body! 

Yes. You can spend time at the gym and do your best to eat super heathy everyday but the biggest contributing factor to that dream body is your mind. Your attitude, your determination and your ability and willingness to think positive.

Think about what a fit body represents. Not the way it looks but how it makes you feel. When you think of it this way, it becomes less about abs, your waistline & your thighs. You'll find that a healthy body actually helps you feel a different way. It helps you to develop a healthy self-esteem and a natural confidence. It helps you feel calm and relaxed yet energised.

Strengthening my mind is something I've personally worked on over the past couple of months. I set some big career goals after coming off The Block, so as well as being fit and active, I needed to be incredibly head strong. This requires just as much time and focus as keeping my legs, bum and tum in shape! Trust me!!

Our generation is smacked in the face daily with images of females who are strong, fit, toned & perfectly in proportion. While some of these images can be motivational (when we're trying to get fitter), heaps of them are super dangerous. Remember that the photos you see on social media and in magazines are not always real. Many photos are photoshopped & filtered way too much. So much so, that what we see is far from reality.  

On the days I am feeling down, picking up my phone is the worst thing I could do. I have learnt to put technology & social media away and instead embrace real life. Just having 5 minutes of silence can help. Sitting outside & consciously breathing in the fresh air. Doing the activities I love like skateboarding & running around with Isla. Sitting in the sun or getting a chai by myself at a cafe. Anything that entails real life. Nature. Downtime. 3D life! 

Women need to be more congratulatory when it comes to how they think of themselves. And more content with who we are. We need to focus on life's positives and embrace them. Take them with both hands, smile and remember how lucky we are to have them.  

Remember there is only ONE of you. While it's important to try and be the best version of you by keeping healthy, happy and positive - it's equally important to sometimes just stop and love yourself for who you are now. Remember, there is only one of YOU and no one can replace you. 

As I mentioned above, I've been working hard on my determination lately. Keeping my head strong and focussed so I can achieve my goals & hit my targets. And I recently hit a special one! Seafolly!

Below are some of my behind-the-scenes photos of my recent Seafolly shoot. It's been a dream of mine for years to work with the iconic swimwear brand ... and the day finally came! This opportunity did not land in my lap. It took a lot of hard work, dedication and a very positive, happy attitude to get there.

You too can do anything you want, just stay focussed! 

Elyse x

Team: Photos by Emily Abay, HMU by Ania Milczarczyk and jewels by Linden Cook