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The fashion industry is fast. Tough. Competitive. You need to be alert, organised, fit & professional at all times. I love it but like any other job, my mind and my body can become tired and overwhelmed.

While it's super important to stay on top of things & calm, it's also important to remain aware & grateful. The more time I spend in this industry and the more my goals & ambitions grow, I make sure that my perspective grows with it. 

Reminding myself just how lucky I am to have be born in a country that literally sparkles when the sun hits the water is a daily must! I will never take it for granted! Even when the sea breeze comes in & ruins my hair! 

Despite the rushed pace of my work, the many commitments & at times the pressure - reminding myself of where I am & what I have creates a sense of peace and calm. 

It is my pleasure to have worked with We Are Handsome (@wearehandsomethebrand) & YOOX (@yoox) to bring awareness to the health & preservation of one of our countries most cherished gems, The Great Barrier Reef.  The six-piece capsule collection features two one piece styles, two bikinis, leggings and a tee in an exclusive print that celebrates the natural beauty of the Reef. Shop the range here. 

The Great Barrier is something that Australia is SO lucky to have! It excites the locals + attracts so many people from all around the world to come and see it's beauty. So we absolutley have to protect it & treat it like gold!! In celebration of Earth Day, I urge you to think about your eco-footprint. Think about the little things. Put things in the right bins. Buy recycled goods when you can (paper, take away coffee cups etc). Don't waste, re-use! Join me & become more responsible. 

As mentioned above, thanks to the We Are Handsome and YOOX collaboration you can now Dress Responsibly by buying some of their amazing swimwear. Proceeds from the sale of the collection will benefit the Great Barrier Reef Foundation , the lead charity for the Great Barrier Reef, funding solutions through science, technology, engineering and on-ground action to ensure its long-term conservation. In particular, proceeds raised through the partnership will be directed towards responding to bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. For more information checkout @greatbarrierreeffoundation. Big thanks to ELLE Mag as well (@elleausfor covering the story.

Hope you love the photos! If you haven't already been, book a holiday to The Great Barrier Reef asap. See the magic with your own eyes! Fresh clean air, clear, clean unpolluted water and warm days ... the perfect way to enjoy Australia! When I am a little older, a huge goal of mine is to take a couple of months off & drive around Aus in a 4WD. Travel through the real outback for a while. My Dad & brother are off to do it shortly... I am so jealous! 

Elyse xxx