Life Of Elyse BLOG

Stay Focused. Stay Happy.

There has been a lot of press about me lately since the airing of The Block. Being on TV almost every single night with paint all over your face, dirty clothes & unwashed hair has been an experience!! But a seriously incredible one. The Block has given me the opportunity to embrace a massive physical challenge, create relationships with new people and learn so much about an industry outside of my own. There's been no time for hair & make up and creating captions for Intsty - the last four months have been head down, bum up! Tiling, sanding, painting, plumbing ... with almost zero sleep!

It's given me a new found appreciation for living life with absolutely direction, clarity & focus. Avoiding the distractions of social media and moving towards your big personal goals literally from the minute you wake up. I've been reminded that it's vital to not worry so much about anything else when it comes to building the life you want, just FOCUS on the things and the people that really matter.

Don't get me wrong, I love my field of work in terms of modelling & fashion and I feel SO incredibly lucky that I love my job every single day, but the biggest joy of late has been this challenge. Putting myself into a new & uncomfortable position has done wonders for my state of mind. I'm so proud of the effort Josh & I put in (and I'm buggereddd!!) !! 

So protect your self esteem and your wellbeing by doing what YOU want to do in life, just as much as you do what other people want. Stay loyal & true to yourself.  

Hope you enjoy the pics below taken by the epic Higgsy (@higgsy7) and hair & make up by Jade Kisnorbo (@jade__kmakeup). Finally a few shots of me where I am clean & not covered in dust & mud ;)

Enjoy your day ... make it count! xx