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Women I Admire

As I get a little older and my experiences in this industry become richer, I've learned that aspiring to work as hard as other women & follow in their footsteps is so much greater than  comparing myself to them. What they have and I don't, what they look like, what they wear. 

I've always said - There Is Only One Of YOU ... which means There Is Only One of Her too. We will never be able become someone else but we can certainly look to other women as role models and aspire to be as confident, as brave and as determined as they are.

Women's Health recently asked me about women I admire. This was an easy question to answer...

"Definitely Elle Macpherson. She is the instigator girl power - she has shown us that girls can do it, too. She is a business women, she's smart, she's healthy, she's fit. Years ago, I was surfing out at The Pass in Byron Bay and she came paddling past me. I just looked at her and thought, "Holy Moly, are you even human?" This toned, brown, blonde goddess surfing next to me, and she just looked so happy. She's a powerhouse, an entrepreneur and she never puts a bad foot forward."

While of course Elle's body is insane, she's beautifully toned, lean and tall...  instead of looking at her thinking "why don't I look exactly like her?" ... I look at Elle and instantly want to work as hard as she does to maintain a healthy and strong physique and a natural glow. I want to be focused and smart about what goes into my body so that I can share in her determination, courage and energy!

It's amazing to have women in your life who are role models that lead you. Role models are there to support you, not to mould you into something you're not. 

A few of my other recent role models include Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner. These girls have always been on top of their game. Modelling is their passion. I have met them both and they were so polite and care free. To look back on what these two have achieved in a year is mind blowing. People are quick to assume everything lands in their lap, but I assure you it doesn't.

Megan Gale is another super women in my eyes. She is such a smart business woman. An Australian icon. So caring, genuine and wise. Above all else Megan is down to earth and tells you her true opinion - meaning she's honest (which is rare in this industry)! There is no pretending with Megan. She compromises herself for no one. 

Megan has done the hard yards and turned her modeling job into a lifelong career - while having kids at the same time. A wonder women - and someone we'd all be silly not to admire & aspire to. 

And finally, since being little I've looked up to Miranda Kerr. She too has had done the hard yards. She's tackled some tough times & tricky situations and come out on top, landing amazing jobs & achieving things at such a fluid pace. Miranda is also quite spiritual. She meditates and recites postive affirmations to keep calm, at peace and centered. 

This is something I've come to think about a lot more everyday ... the power of my mind. Positive thinking and sheer determination can make dreams come to life.

Just remember next time you're reading a magazine or watching an interview. Try to not be jealous or envious. Instead, turn these feelings into motivation. The people you admire, whoever they might be, are succeeding because they are doing their best to become the best versions of themselves. You just need to focus on becoming the best version of yourself & the rest will follow. 

Elyse xx